Chapter closing…

Today the chapter finally closed on my LuLaRoe adventure.  I received my refund check from the inventory I sent back.  They did keep some of my inventory, and I’m trying to get a receipt so I can claim the donation that they are making.  I think if I buy the inventory, and then send it back, but you don’t pay me for it, you can’t get the tax write off for donating it.  Just sayin’! I’m happy that for the most part, that part of my life journey is in the book.

I’m off today for Good Friday because I live in the south and that’s how they roll.  It gave me a chance to deposit the check immediately, so I’m not complaining.  I also got a load of laundry out of the way.

This morning I watched the show Rise.  LOVE IT!! One of my friends at work said it was a cross between Glee and Friday Night Lights.  Spot on!  I’m looking forward the next episodes.  Why can’t they just release all the episodes at once so I can binge…oh yea..not everyone operates that way.  *shrug*

Easter weekend is weird now.  I’m really not a churchgoer and since we are orphans we don’t have family obligations.  I miss my mom and dad at these times.  I’m sure they would be sad that I don’t attend mass on a regular basis.  It’s not that I don’t believe, I’m just not sure how I believe.  I do like that Catholics don’t discount science. Ya never know….right?  I just want everyone to be kind to each other.  You know, that whole “Do unto others” thing.

If you are gathering with family, I hope you all have a grand celebration.  Happy Easter!


Spring break ramblings…

London.  Across the pond.  Our first European trip.  We decided to postpone our trip to the United Kingdom until fall.  I’m happy we did too.  A good friend kept sending me snaps of her snow-covered walks and below 0-celsius temps. Brr!

Instead, we played around in Central Florida.  First up, Kennedy Space Center.  Jerry booked a Launch Control Center tour that was pretty cool.  I wish they would let us see more but you know….secret stuff and all. A full day wasn’t enough time to do everything.  I really thought it would be, but we didn’t see all the exhibits, the Imax movies, or the “Legends of Space” or whatever it’s called.

I think we’ll be heading back there “soon.”  It would be cool if it were for a launch.  They kept talking about the SLS rocket, and it would be fun to do another tour that talks more about that.  Why didn’t I become an astronaut?  Oh yeah….that’s why.


After spending a few days in Titusville and enjoying some local cuisine, we headed over to Orlando to play at Universal Studios.  After four days in a Universal resort and three days in the park. I’m a Disney girl.  Don’t get me wrong, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was AH-MAZING!! I would live there if they let me, although they would have to open up a few more of the shops in Diagon Alley. I guess I just prefer not to see the majority of the customers in the park Starbucks were employees of the park. Meh…maybe I’m a snob, no…I am!  It’s okay; it’s good to know your flaws.

Highlights: NASA, SpaceX, Margaritas, Bubba Gump restaurant, swimming in the pool, all things Harry Potter, Jerry being a full-on tech nerd.

Lows: $35 parking for CityWalk, low tech park amenities, I-4 traffic, waiting over 20 minutes for a dinner check.

Spring break is just about over.  The last quarter of school is a rough one.  Lots of tests are coming up.  Spring break was just what I needed to refresh before pushing through to the end.  …and who doesn’t love coming home to a crazy cat.

Oh yeah, I also turned fifty-one over break.  WHAT?!?  😀 




Gratuitous last year wrap up blog post…

Hello, 2018!  I’m ready for you.  Last year was pretty good though, lets recap, shall we? (tee hee hee)

The year started out with a bang and a cruise with Jerry’s company management team plus significant others, or as we call ourselves “plus ones”. It was a great to spend some time getting to know the other “plus ones” and no one will forget the karaoke night.

February welcomed a new challenge in my life.  I started a LuLaRoe Independent Retailer business.  I have since closed that business as it was way more time consuming than I had originally thought.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my LuLaRoe clothes and I loved sharing that with others but I didn’t care for the time that it was taking away from my time with Jerry.

March (birthday month), of course, is the best month of the year, we did a Disney cruise that included a private cabana on their Castaway Cay private island.  If you ever get the chance, do it.  We spent the day reading, lounging, and staring at the ocean.  Perfect day!

Spring was rounded out by a regular event watching the Wildcat softball team play.  Great time cheering on Jerry’s co-workers and getting to know everyone.  (I miss you, Mel)

Summer was smattered with concerts at the new Daily’s Place amphitheater downtown.  We saw some great concerts and look forward to more in the future.   We also went to St. Louis, MO in June for Jerry’s work conference.  I haven’t been there since my senior year of high school. That’s 1985 for all you keeping score.  I got to catch up with my college roommate as well as meeting her daughter for the first time.  Next time, better seats for the Cardinals game for sure.  Summer also included my first trip to the state capital, Tallahassee.  Neat city.  Love seeing the capital and other historical sites.  Will definitely make another trip to explore more of the city.I love traveling and anytime I get the chance to explore a new city or one that I haven’t been to in a long time, I’m happy.

If I had to blog about negative things from 2017, it would be that I put my interpreting professional development on the backburner.  I really tried to make my LuLaRoe business a success and my interpreting suffered for it.  I really missed continuing my craft and that is one of the reasons I decided to close my small business.  I love interpreting, especially in the school setting and have already set up workshops for 2018.

One of the highlights of the year was our trip to Chicago.  Again, Jerry had to work and I tagged along but I made sure we had time to play tourist and even scored some tickets to Hamilton.  Oh my goodness, this was one of those shows that it life-altering.  I know, so many people say that but it truly was one of the best shows I have ever seen.  Phantom of the Opera in Toronto earlier in my life was pretty amazing too.  Chicago will now always hold a special memory for me.

This post is way longer than I intended.  I didn’t really think a lot happened in 2017.  It’s funny how our brain forgets things.  I looked back at my photos and was reminded of how much fun I had last year.  I mean, even the Jaguars played great, so well that we have a playoff game next weekend.

So now some quick updates (list style):

Work – Started the new school year in August and is going well. Love my team.

Health – started out strong was losing weight.  Started to stress out and hit a plateau.  Fell and bruised my knee/leg to the bone and am just now able to take stairs the normal way. Gained some weight back but determined to not let that continue.

So yeah, that’s it.  I really need to keep blogging.  There is no “focus” on this blog as it’s more of a cathartic release for me than anything else.  Remember the “Christmas Letters” you would get, yeah, that’s my blog in nutshell but all year long.

Keep doing what you are doing…

I had a check up for my knee today.  Things went great.  The doctor was really pleased with how well I’m recovering.  I asked about some exercise but he wants me to wait a couple of weeks before I start that doing that. He gave me a prescription for Physical Therapy although he said he doesn’t think I will need it.

Slow and steady seems to be the plan right now.  I pretty much elevate it every night from the minute I get home until I’m out the door the next morning.  I have my cane with me pretty much all the time but it has been folded up and out of sight for the past few days.

I’ll follow the doctor’s words as he said to me today “Keep doing what you are doing.”

In other news, I have left LuLaRoe.  With my knee and interpreting, I was feeling overwhelmed and had to reprioritize things.  I love the LuLaRoe brand and continue to wear it pretty much daily, I just won’t be selling it anymore.  If you need help finding stuff though,  I know a few people that can help.

This weekend will be yet another weekend of staying in the house.  Not because of the knee but because of weather.  Hurricane Irma is headed to Florida and pretty much going to rain for everyone in the state.  whee…  We are off Friday and Monday due to the hurricane.  I wonder if it does come to Jax on Monday if we truly will be headed back to work on Tuesday.  I guess we’ll see.   Be prepared for boring rain pics on my social media accounts.

Four Weeks…

Tomorrow will be four weeks since my fall.  My knee is doing great.  Still discolored and swollen.  My legs and ankles are huge by the end of the work day so I end up coming straight home to put my legs up.  Elevation is my friend.

My HurryCane has been my constant companion.  We have a love hate relationship.  I don’t want to use it.  It gets in my way.  Have you ever tried to carry a lunch, coffee, keys and use a can to try to get down four steps to leave your house.  It is a pain.  I have to leave the coffee on the railing, go down the stairs and then lean over to grab my coffee.  I’m usually fine in the morning and don’t need the cane but by the end of the day, I’m happy for the extra steadiness.

Other than my knee, things are going well.  The school year is finding its groove and the team of interpreters I work with is great.  We get along swimmingly.  There isn’t a day that they don’t make me laugh.

Jerry and I haven’t been doing much due to my knee.  I’m resting up so I can make sure to go the Jacksonville Jaguar opening game.  I missed both pre-season games. Also, we have a trip coming up to Chicago.  I’m so excited because we are going to see Hamilton!  “Not throwing away my shot!”

Anyway, looking to the long weekend to keep resting up my knee.  I see the doctor next week and I’m actually looking forward to doing some physical therapy to get my full range of motion back.

Happy Labor Day weekend!



I’m doing so much better after my week of being ordered by the doctor to keep my leg elevated.  I hated missing the week of work but sometimes my health needs to take priority.  I’m getting around pretty well with a smaller support brace and my cane.  I almost didn’t take my cane to work today but ended up standing during a class to interpret for 90 minutes and needed it after that.  *sigh* The good news is that a week ago I couldn’t have done that at all.  So progress is going well.

Interpreting part of work is going well too, I am finally feeling like I’m back.  The first few weeks are hectic as they are doing some baseline testing to make sure the cadets are in the right cohort.  Hopefully, the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) students won’t be moved around too much.  I’m finally getting the hang of my schedule and getting into the groove of my classes.

Jerry and I took another week off of going to preseason football though.  I was worried about working and then walking the stadium and getting to our seats.  I’m still not steady with stairs and our seats could be tricky for me.  I’m sure I’ll be ready by the home opener on September 17th.  So for now, we sit at home and wonder how the Jacksonville Jaguars are gonna do this season.  I’m a little leery.


Walking in another person’s shoes…

This picture was from Tuesday, Day 10 before I went to the doctor to find out what the redness on my shin was all about. Turns out it is due to swelling.

August 5th, I took a fall and injured my left knee.  Twelve days in of recovery and I’m told to keep my knee straight and elevate it as much as possible.  Which is easy because it doesn’t bend on its own very well right now.

So why the need to pull out the blog writing today?  A week ago I had to attend a meeting to start the new school year.  The building was old.  I’m hobbling into the building, thank goodness they had a ramp to accommodate the 4 steps that I would have had to take, and make my way to the third floor.  So I’m walking with my cane, to keep me stable, and trying to open doors to get in.  Have you ever tried to open a door with only your left hand?  It’s awkward as you end up crossing your body with the door., I make my way through the main door, into the elevator and up to the third floor.  Great, another door into the office suite.  Why isn’t there a button to open the door automatically? I make it in and get to my meeting. I’m good, put my leg up on an adjacent chair and take in all the information.

Then, it happens, I have to use the restroom.  Ugh….back out the door, easier pushing it but not by much.  Again, would love an automatic door button to make it easier.  I get to the restroom and see three tiny stalls.  Not ONE accessible stall.  WHAT?!  How is that even possible?  What year is it?  I plop myself down and take care of things.  Thankfully, my husband had gotten me the cane the night before.  The cane was my savior in that tiny stall.  I was able to lift myself and my bum leg up but it wasn’t easy from a standard height commode.  I hobbled back to the meeting room appalled that the district I worked for had no restroom accommodations.  Maybe they do…maybe it’s tucked away in another part of the building.  I do know that no one offered it to me.   I hope there is one on that floor somewhere….

Day 12 and the swelling has gone way down. I’m tired of it though. I am ready to go!

I will heal,  My leg will bend again.  But things like this are what people with physical challenges handle every day.  I try to hold the door open for people as much as I can. I try to accommodate needs as much as I can.  I hope I’m not failing.  This little experience has really sparked something.  Never take for granted, walking across the living room with a cup of coffee and my phone.  Right now, I can do it in my house where there are plenty of “feel your way” helpers around the room and I can tuck my phone under my chin but at work, I must wear everything I need in a backpack or purse.  Leaving the house is a chore.  Carrying a lunch box and getting down the four steps that lead to the drive, I have to make sure I don’t have other things in my hand or I can’t manage the stairs with my cane.  So things get left home.  If I can’t carry it on me, I don’t need it.  Not practical but it will have to do…for now.



Commission much?

Today, I ventured out to get a couple things. A pair of Ugg boots and jeans. I’ve been wanting to try them on and see if they would be cute. I headed to the mall. Walked into Dillards and headed to the shoe section. Instantly, I was greeted and asked if I know what I wanted to see. Gave the young lady my size and she disappeared. A few moments later she returned with a box and the boots that I have been “eyeing” for the past few months. After walking around the shoe section, I purchased them. My card wasn’t reading in the chip reader so she asked if she could try. She had the magic touch and I was done with my purchase.

I also needed some jeans. My current jeans are just too big on me. I don’t wear a lot of jeans but for sporting events, etc. it’s nice to have pockets. I walked into Torrid. I wandered around a few minutes and finally went to the counter where two women were chatting about something or another. I interrupted them, nearly unsuccessfully, and asked for some help. “HELLO, I want to spend money here!!!” After what I felt was an eye roll, one of the clerks came out from behind the counter and asked me what size. I told her I wasn’t sure as it’s been awhile and I had lost some weight. I guessed, and she proceeded to look for that size. After handing me two of the same size, I decided that I would try them on to see if this was the right size before I tried all the different styles. (Ripped, dark, light, lots of rips..goodness, I just want jeans!) I headed back to the dressing room and tried on the jeans and a pair of trousers I had grabbed on my own. Nope….that wasn’t my size. I needed to go down. YAY!!!

I left the dressing room and headed back to the jean area hoping the clerk would see me and help me more. I guess her gab session with other clerk was more important. After about 15 minutes of me pulling at racks and disrupting piles of jeans, I found a smaller size but in a style that wasn’t really what I was wanting. I decided to go try them on.…not my “cut”. I walked back over to the jean pile to return the wrong cut jeans and heard from across the store. “Any of those work out for you?” I responded that they were the wrong size. I must have stood over in the jean area another five minutes when I realized that they didn’t care about my sale. They weren’t going to help me. I left. I will head over to another shop later this week where I know they will help me find flattering clothes for me.

I don’t get it.  I know these retail shops are on a commission and you’d think they would want to sell me overpriced jeans that I was more than willing to buy.  Heck, maybe even some dress pants, that, in my opinion, were over priced too.

It’s okay…here’s another picture of the cute boots I purchased today!

LuLaRoe Jeanne Sutton **squee**

I’m in the queue! I have sent in my paperwork and should be getting my call end of January/beginning of February. Right now I’m setting up all my social media. While I can’t really get a VIP group going until I get my call, I can share my progress as I wait.

If you are so inclined you can follow me here:

Not much going on, although I’m practicing my Periscope skills on my twitter.

I’ll be setting up a separate blog for my LuLaRoe journey…stay tuned!!