13 school days….

The kids are ready for summer, the teachers are ready and this interpreter is ready for summer to come as well.

Today was the last day for Seniors (if they weren’t absent during their End of Course (EOC) and final exams). By the time 4th period rolled around the halls were thinning out. Next week is EOC testing for undergrads and then it’s the home stretch to the last day of the 2009/2010 school year.

I’ve learned a lot about school politics this year.  I guess I was a little sheltered last year because this year was an eye opener.  I had never worked at a place where I didn’t get some kind of a raise after a year.  Budgets…yay…  I laugh when I hear they aren’t concerned about the A/C because there are only three weeks of school left.  As my brilliant husband said “They do know that they still have to buy it, right?”

I am lucky though, I love my job.  Yes, the kids can drive me crazy.  Yes, I feel that school politics get in the way of education at times. And yes, when the kids finally “get it” I am proud of them.  While I’m still, in my eyes, a noob at this educational interpreting thing, I can say I think this is what I was meant to do.   That or be rich and travel the world but since I’ve never had the opportunity to do that….  😉

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