2010, you won’t be forgotten…

Wow, where has the year gone!  It’s been…well…some year….

One year ago today, we were burying Jerry’s mom.  Then in April, my mom and finally in August, my dad.  I miss them. I spent six weeks over the summer in Michigan which ended up being blessing and allowed me to spend some good quality time with Dad. (Even if it was hard to be so far from Jerry)  My family is…well…Mom and Dad were definitely the glue that bound us all.    

A high point is that I did get to finally see Washington D.C.  A place that both Jerry and I had been wanting to visit.  A terrible storm caused his company to move their conference from Nashville, which I was looking forward to visiting, to D.C.  Although a knee injury caused me to be a little non-mobile (yes, that’s my word choice) we got to see some of the highlights of the city.  We hope to go back and spend a few days exploring it more.

I’m not sad to see the year go.  I am sad to have lost so much in the past 365 days.  Marking time, in all it’s silliness does remind me that no matter what happens, the sun still comes up in the east and sets in the west.  It’s the little constants that make life amazing and wonderful.  It doesn’t stop.  Life continues.  Babies are born.  That whole circle of life thingy is one crazy ride that I’m happy I sort of understand 🙂

So bring on 2011!  I look forward to what you  have to bring.

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