A week of me…

Jerry is at a work conference. I was going to go with him…but…well, I’d rather we have a vacation together where he isn’t working. I took the week off to get some things done that I need to do. Paid leave is luxury so it should be used, right?

On this first day, I woke up at 4:00am. I took Jerry to the airport and then had my car fixed. There was a recall and I have been postponing the repair. Took about 4 hours for them to fix it.

I also emptied the shredder and then proceeded to shred about a year of bills that had been stacked up on my desk. Ahh..feels good to have that done.

What am I going to do during the week of me? I was hoping to see the Shuttle lift off today but the car dealership, no loaner car, stinky courtesy van made it so I couldn’t get out to the beach in time. I do hope to make it out there later this week to do some kite flying. Have to dig out the kites from the guest room. (scary)

No plans, no schedule…it’s just what I need right now.

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