About Gknee


Name:  Jeanne Sutton
Profession: Interpreter
Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Hey! I really hate these “About me” areas. I never know what to say. I was born and raised in Michigan. Studied Music at Central Michigan University (Fire up Chips!) where I earned my Bachelor’s degree. It’s also where I first became known as “Gknee”.  My real name is Jeannie and after a drunken stupor on of my dearest friends wrote me a note To Gknee:…it stuck and I’ve been using it since the late 80’s.  After moving to northern Michigan and trying my hand at the hospitality industry, I was drawn to computers. I actually met my sweetheart online. IRC, Internet Relay Chat, was a fun way to to connect to the world from little Boyne City. In winter of 1995, I started regularly talking with a gentleman from Florida, DocSavag. I flew down to spend a vacation and the rest is history. It was true love! Months later I moved to Jacksonville, FL and 13 months after that we were married.

While in Jacksonville I lucked into a job at AOL. Starting out in billing but quickly found my way to tech support. I loved it! It’s too bad that things in the company started to change and I felt I needed to move on. I floundered around for a few years and finally decided to go back to school.

In 2005, I enrolled at the local community college to study American Sign Language. After a few semesters of learning the language I entered the Sign Language Interpreter Program and graduated with an Associates degree in Interpreting.

I am currently employed by the Duval County Public School System as an interpreter. I love my job! _\,,/

In my spare time, I am often online. I know that I’m a social network addict 🙂  I try to balance it by gaming. HA!

So yeah…that’s me…if there is anything else you want to know, Just ask.

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  1. Gknee- I use Gknee too, am from Michigan and am a CMU grad. I was thrilled to see your blog when I inadvertently entered gknee in google rather than Gmail. Have fun!

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