Happy New Year!

Just a few more hours left of 2012.  It was a pretty good year.  Can’t complain.

My families estate is somewhat settled.  Just a few loose ends but I don’t see that being resolved in the future and that’s okay.  Forgive, but don’t forget, right?  I miss Mom and Dad every day.  There are so many things that I want to tell them, or show them, that they would find cool.  They were pretty hip for being parents.

My health is pretty much the same. I really need to get a grip on this weight.  It’s dangerous and I know that.  Fruits and veggies, no sugar and if I do get breads it’s got to be very limited.  I think that I”m gluten sensitive but don’t want to have a bunch of tests.  I know I can do this, I just really need to commit.  The fear of death is real and I need to be smart.

Work is going pretty good.  Strange, because after this school year I’m not really sure where I will be placed. I hope I still have a job. I know a few others are moving on to other things so I’m sure there will be a place for me. I also need to get serious about this credential stuff.  I have DVDs to help me study my “student” reception skills.  I just need to get them back from the person that borrowed them from me and do it.

Home life is good.  Sure, I could use a trip out of town or two but that’s okay.  I have a wander bug that Jerry doesn’t.  It’s not a deal breaker.  We’ll be going to San Antonio in May and then I have Silent Weekend in Orlando in June.  I would love to get away for spring break in early April….we’ll see. I am a girl that loves a great hotel room.  (no clutter, someone else cleans it, no responsibilities)

I am a pretty lucky girl and always seem to land on my feet. I don’t expect anything different for 2013.

Ho ho ho..and all that Jazz.

Christmas has been difficult for me the past, umm, four years.  It was in 2008 that Jerry’s dad passed away and since then Holidays have been bittersweet. Jerry’s mom passed right after Christmas 2009 and both my parents died in 2010.   At first we would put up little trees, or I would hang a string of lights on the mantel.  This year…nothing.  I regret it until I remember that if you hang it up, you have to clean it up.  That’s right, I’m lazy.

We did keep our tradition of watching the TBS Marathon of A Christmas Story.  It reminds both Jerry and I of our parents and Holidays past.   Jerry’s mom thought we were nuts when we wanted to watch that over and over.  🙂  We didn’t have anything better to do while we waited for “Santa” to show up.

We also cooked a lovely meal together, another holiday tradition. This year we tried a standing rib roast.  YUM!  I think we both agreed that this will be on the Christmas Menu for years to come.

It was also the first year in many that one of us wasn’t sick.  I don’t know why we get sick on Christmas Day but it seems to happen a lot.  …or maybe because it’s a memorable day we remember it better. *shrug*

I will say that my blood family isn’t as close as I thought it was.  Over Thanksgiving I sent out TXT messages (I know) and didn’t hear from anyone until my sister finally responded to our home phone number which now accepts TXT messages.  Yeah, I didn’t see that one.  Thankfully, Jerry had the Xfinity app installed on his phone and saw the TXT so I could respond back.  Today, I did the same thing.  I heard from my oldest brother..well..I got a “Happy Holidays” response back.  It’s weird having grown up with what I thought was a tight knit family….and now…

I’m lucky to have Jerry!  He and our cat, Nutmeg, are a wonderful little family. I know this entry is up and down.  It’s how I feel about the holidays lately.

Oh…I watched The Polar Express today.  LOVED the story.  What’s up with the “Children of the Corn” animation though?  It was distracting.


Merry Christmas!


Knowledge is power!

I’m the only interpreter at my school.  My boss comes occasionally to observe and help me hone my craft.  Today was a followup from a visit two weeks ago where she and I focused on Form and Meaning in transliterating.   I was given an assignment that she would come and review with me, today.  I welcomed the opportunity for my superior to take and look at what I do and give me good feedback on my product.  It’s a rarity as a lone interpreter in a school.

The task was to take a look at a story board of pictures.  Describe what was going in the pictures using our voice, record it, transcribe and then interpret using transliteration while record ourselves. Not really important but I’m verbose today. I had done the story and the recording of my voice before this morning, but not the video.  I used my Nexus 7 to video record my product and then uploaded it to Google Drive.  Easy peasy, right?

I did good.  Was it perfect?  It never is.  I gave up that ideal long ago.  There is always room for improvement/finesse. Got some great feedback.

The best part of the whole thing was that she wanted to know how I got my video on the school computers so we could watch it on the big screen rather than my tablet.  I mentioned that after recording it, I uploaded it to my drive.  The next 30 minutes were spent on my teaching my boss how to use Drive.  It was great.  I showed her how collaboration works, how she could upload her current docs so that she would have them where ever she was in the district. I scored huge points with my boss today. Yay me and yay Google Drive!!

November follies…

I love this weather.  The leaves changing. Okay, not really in Florida. The cooler evenings.  The time off at work for Thanksgiving…tee hee hee

So what have I been up to?  Well, Jerry and I bought some bikes in Mid-October.  We have been doing a mile every day (mostly) since the day we bought them.  I think I might push us up to 1.5 miles this weekend.  Don’t want to get in a slump.  Also, I need to get us lights…

Other Random Updates:

  • I have another blog called School Interpreter that I have been tinkering with. Mostly, it’s a warehouse to house all my favorite links for ASL and Interpreting 🙂
  • My football team, The Jacksonville Jaguars is in a terrible slump.  Going to a game tonight though…I hope they don’t look too bad on national TV.
  • Thinking of growing my hair out…*shrug* It tends to bug me if I lean back on it.
  • The Christmas season is coming up, and I really want to do something fun…

Wow…October…Quick updates…

Where has the time gone? This year is flying by. I’ve heard that happens as you get older.

Work is…work. I over stepped my role today and am worried I might have crossed the line.  It was spelling of an instrument and I blurted it out before I realized what I was doing.  Hopefully, I’ll only get a warning.

Health is okay.  My knee has been bugging me.  I don’t know why.  I don’t remember aggravating it.  I prolly should have had it checked out better two years ago. Diet isn’t going well.  I don’t know why.  I have cut my calories and changed the foods I’m eating (more fruits/veggies) and still no movement.

Cat is wonderful. She is a great fit for this little family.  So loving.

Other things…

  • Being a Jaguar fan is getting rough.
  • Love my Dansko shoes.
  • Being lured by the Samsung Note 2 but really don’t know why.
  • Thinks Birthday Oreos are wonderful.


comfort zone….

You would think that I think it’s easy to meet new people.  Every day I place myself at the front of classes for people to see  me while I work. In the past I have been on stages performing for large groups of people.  I even talk to strangers randomly all the time. So why does heading to a HIRL (Hangout In Real Life) give me anxiety?

I think all those other situations I am not in jeopardy of being judged.   Sure..the stranger that I chat up might leave the scene and say “Wow, that chick is whacked”, but the chances that I’ll run into them again are slim.  Work and performing, I know my work is being judged, but not my character.  …or at least that’s my perception. So there is no fear of stepping in front of a class to interpret, or even the whole school for assemblies.

So why am I rambling on about all of this?  Last night, we headed to a HIRL.  I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to go because of anxiety.  I can’t stand the idea of someone not liking me.  I know it’s silly and juvenile  but it’s who I have always been.  I’m sure I have enemies but  either they are good about hiding it or they aren’t an important part of my life and I have no idea.  Ignorance is bliss, right?  I even argued on the way to the HIRL because I was expressing my fears and didn’t like the reaction I got from Jerry.  Sometimes, him being right really irks me 🙂

So we arrive and we can’t find them.  We walk around the restaurant a few times.  The staff is trying to help us but I’m not being open to their help.  Finally after texts, and failed phone calls the staff kiddingly asks if we are at the right location. UGH!!! FAIL…we aren’t.  So we get back into the car, a little tension between Jerry and I as we try to get to the restaurant that is 20 minutes away and in an area that neither of us have been.  I hear my phone notifications going off and because I’m driving I can’t answer which is causing my stress level to go up so I have to ask my navigator, at this point I think we weren’t really talking to each other, to answer my phone and respond.  Thankfully, I’m married to someone who puts up with me and he obliges my requests.

We arrive. Okay, now…where are these people.  Heck, we never met.  Sure, I’ve seen pictures but … OH…look..I know that face.  We headed over to the table, introduced ourselves and sat down.  Polite chit chat, tech talk, get to know you…  Four hours later we are heading home.  I don’t think we’ve spent four hours at a restaurant recently with anyone.  Wow.

It was a fun night. I really do love getting to know people. I might not be the first to join, in fact I think I put down a wishy-washy maybe in my RSVP to the event. I’m glad I had a push from Jerry to go.


Health check…

Today was my appointment for my endocrinologist. I was a little anxious as this was the first appointment since the doctor put me on Bydureon. I was finally getting past the side effects and able to keep my tummy aches to a minimum now.  I didn’t want to go through that again with a different medicine if that one didn’t work.  Also, insomnia has been in high gear lately so I was curious about my TSH levels.

A1C = 5.0  YAY!!  Feels good to know that the medicine is working.  The once a week shot isn’t really that big of a deal.  I like it better than the twice a day shot of Byetta, that’s for sure!

TSH = 0.05 YIKES! (I usually feel best when it’s around 1.0) I kind of knew because of the insomnia and some other things that have been going on.  The doctor wants to keep my Synthroid dosage the same but lower my Cytomel.  Hopefully that will do the trick. I’ll find out in Mid-October when I do more labs.

All my other labs looked great.  The doctor was more than pleased with how everything is going along.  It’s nice to have a good checkup.

Body image…

I know that I’m overweight.  Morbidly obese is the title that would be on my chart.  I have tried many diet, none that worked.  About a year an half ago I decided I was going stop spending money on diet programs and get a hold of this myself.  52 lbs later, I still have a long way to go.  52..that’s a lot…but it’s merely a fraction of what I need to be a healthy weight.  Heck to be overweight and not obese is a long road.

I am usually proud of my accomplishments that I took control and with the help of myfitnesspal.com and being on the proper medications for my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Diabetes, I am slowly losing the fat.  I know that if I moved more it would come off easier and to be honest 52 lbs ago, I could barely move.

Jerry and I went to the zoo two years ago and it was scary.  I was out of breath, my legs burned from even standing too long and by the end of our experience I just want to cry and ball up into a blubbery mass.  Good thing that’s not my M.O.  This year when we went to the zoo, I could walk around and it was great.  I needed a few breaks but not every 10 ft like it seemed I needed before.  This summer, interpreting for an elementary student,  proved to me that I am capable of things physically that I couldn’t do a year  ago.

So why am  bringing all this out today?  It’s all because of body image.  Yes, I know I’m large.  I think I have a handle on carrying myself so that I don’t waddle or oaf around.  Today, however, I just feel it.  I feel fat.  I am at the lowest weight in probably 4-6 years and I feel fat.  That was a word that Jerry told me I shouldn’t say. I agree that it’s a negative word but sometimes you have to call a rose a rose, and a duck a duck.

Today’s challenge is going to be that I just let it be and don’t freak out about things.  I’m going to take extra time with my hair and getting ready for our evening out at the Jaguar Scrimmage.  Yes, I’m going out in public,I don’t have agoraphobia, in fact I crave human experiences with others.  I’m going to think about good work I have done and put on my big girl panties and get ready 🙂    I don’t think that pun was intended….




On June 27th, I sat and watched the Keynote address from Google I/O.  I’m not a developer, but I watched as they talked about Android’s next release, Jelly Bean, and  all of it’s improvements. Then they showed the Nexus 7 tablet and I knew that the tablet I wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Xoom but for my tiny hands it is sometimes too much. (TWSS) I had been reading about an upcoming 7inch Nexus-line tablet and knew “this is it”.  I mulled it over  all day and finally with Jerry’s words “This is what you have been waiting for..” I pre-ordered one through the play.google.com.

I had been reading rumors about when it would be released.  Different websites telling me when this store and that store would be getting them in.  The only email I got from the Play store was “Thank you. You’ve made a purchase on Google Play. You will not be charged until your order has shipped.”

July 13th, I peruse the various sites during my lunch break at work and see that people are getting their tablets.  What?!?  I haven’t even gotten my email saying it’s shipped.  I find out later that they are GameStop pre-orders and I become a little miffed.  How are brick and mortar stores getting their stock before people who have pre-ordered?  The day continues and I start hearing about people who have just walked into stores and picked up the tablet without a pre-order at all.  I start calling all the GameStop stores in town and they all tell me that “the only stock they have is for the people who pre-ordered with them and the next pre-order would start on the 14th and delivery was expected in August”.   Okay…

July 14th, I’m reading my Google+ stream.  People are upset with the lack of communication from Google Play store about their orders.  I empathize with this.  I read the many posts of how people have finally gotten their email saying it’s shipped. I continue on with my refreshing my GMail over and over with no success.  I read about how people’s cards have been charged so I log into our banking site to see if we have been charged.  The email and bank refreshing lasts all day.  Nothing….

Around 6pm  last night, I read from one person in my circles, that she walked into an Office Depot and picked up a Nexus 7.  *head desk* What?!?  This fuels my need of answers and I start calling all the Office Depot stores in town.  “That was for pre-orders”, “That isn’t released yet” and “We won’t have more in until maybe next week” were the answers I got.  I put my google skills to the test and tried to see where else people were getting theirs.  I got to this article from The Verge about the different places you could pick up a tablet.  Brilliant!  The phone calls to Sams Club started.  At 6:30ish one of the club stores said they had two in stock.  Jerry and I jumped into the car to secure the tablets.

At Sam’s they gave us two inventory slips and told us to go to the register and they would get them from inventory.  We waited in line behind people with their bulk chicken tenders, water, and other various goods until it was our turn.  We handed the little grey haired lady our slips and she looked at us perplexed.  We told her that the clerk in electronics told us to give the person at the register the slips and they would have to get tablets that were under lock and key.  She rang up one tablet and said she wanted to check before she rang up the other.  Okay, that was odd.  We watched as she milled around from clerk to clerk asking for help on how to get the tablets.  Finally she came back and said she manager was getting them and she asked again if we wanted both of them, “Yes” I replied, a little ticked off because this was the umpteenth time she had asked that.  We paid and stood off to the side and  waited.  The manager came with one and was looking for the second.  Ugh…it wasn’t going to work out. Long story, slightly shortened, they only had the one.  The manager apologized, helped us with our refund.  I asked if any of the other stores in town had them in stock and he started the search.  10 minutes later, he had talked to a manager at another store 23 miles away that was holding one.  It was 7:45pm and the store we are headed to closes at 8:30pm. I cracked up because the manager told us we needed to hurry and that we “shouldn’t stop for pizza on the way”. 🙂  Back into the car and we’re off! (One Nexus 7 secured…Oh yeah, we also picked up toilet paper because we needed it.)

23miles later at around 8:10pm we arrive at the other Sam’s club in town.  Walk in, secure our inventory slip and head to the register.  Again, deer in the headlights reactions.  Gets a manager and she says something about how they are really supposed to sell them.  Excuse me, we have one from another store.  Jerry was telling her that she will be selling him one as we just drove twenty plus miles and told that one was waiting for us.  Finally we hear on her radio that they have one and to sell it.  We pay for the item and head out of store. I should also mention that during this whole adventure we were singing the theme to Raiders of the Lost Ark .  Jerry asked me as we walked about of the store if this is where he would lift the golden idol above his head in celebration.  I think that was at 8:22, I vaguely remember Jerry saying something like “8 minutes to spare”.  SCORE


Summer Break Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman


Summer break has begun.  Today was day two.  I needed to get out of the house so that the maids could clean without me be hovering.  Don’t think it’s glamorous, I’m a terrible housewife and it’s a necessity.  Also, they only come once a month.  So I took myself to the movies.

I saw “Snow White and the Huntsman “.  I love fairy tales.  I grew up placing rhinestone necklaces over my forehead to look like a princess of some exotic land so I knew when this movie was being talked about that I would want to see it.

Over all I would say that it was an okay film.  Kirsten Stewart seems very one dimensional again in this movie.  I’m over the angst.  Thank goodness for her cast members.  Charlize Theron was wonderful as the evil queen, Ravenna.  Bravo to having a glimpse of what old age could look like for you.  Chris Hemsworth, oof , that man is all that is good and rugged.  Huntsman, Thor, Kirk’s Dad doesn’t matter, he is good.  He plays the tormented hero very well. Ian McShane was a complete surprise as one of the dwarfs.  His rugged, brass, flavor helped moved the story along well.

Cinematic-ally, this movie was gorgeous. I read another review about how it reminded people of Lord or the Rings  with it’s deep green, mountainous helicopter-shots.  Even the watching the group trudge along the winding trails felt a little “Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to Mordor we go”-ish.

As a fairy tale lover, it was fun.  I even wanted a little more kissing.  Seriously, Snow could have kissed the Huntsman at the end.  That would have been satisfying.