I have to admit that I really don’t enjoy this time of year.  I used to…but the past several years my heart just hasn’t been into it.  Don’t get me wrong..I love all the getting together with people and visiting part…just not the materialistic aspect.  Maybe it’s hitting me more because I know that people can’t afford to purchase things and part of me feels guilty accepting presents.   Sure..I love presents just as much as the next girl but lately…eh…

My iPod has been playing Christmas carols forever.  I never took them off my player and have it on shuffle in the car.  I usually end up hitting the skip button to pass the myriad of songs telling me to “let it snow” or that the “weather outside is frightful”.  Really?? because here it’s mid 70’s and sunny…*shrug*  So even my car reminds me of how not into the holidays I’ve become.

I’m sure part of it is that we don’t have kids to spoil of our own.  Heck, we can’t even enjoy spoiling our nieces and nephews because of how scattered the families are.  Maybe that has something to do with it too.   I haven’t spent Christmas with my family in nearly 5 years…and that was the only time since I moved here in 1995. 

I know..I know…I should spend each moment I have with people like it’s Christmas day with them everyday.  Easier said than done.  I’ll admit that.

Jerry and I are trying to make the best of this holiday season for his mom.  Being stuck in a nursing home can’t be fun for her.  We’ve set up a Saturday to take her shopping, we’ll help her wrap a few of the presents.  Then on the 20th we’ve reserved a room at the home to have her family Christmas.  No clue how that’s going to work but I’m hoping it cheers her up.  That’s all the really counts.


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  1. Funny, I was just thinking last night about how “humbuggish” I was feeling. That’s WITH snow on the ground, mind you! For me, I think a lot of it is stress, and it sounds like you’re dealing with your fair share of that. *shrugs* Be well, Jean-Genie, be well.

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