Brain dump…

My brain is getting cluttered so it’s time for a brain dump.  Random thoughts that I need to put down to hopefully clear some room for new thoughts.

  • Game of Thrones on HBO was great but the book is just SO much better.
  • 1st part of Summer Vacation is over this weekend.  I didn’t do much.  I hope to drag Jerry out of town after Summer School Session.  He mentioned going to Disney this weekend but I slammed that door shut by saying in my most whiny voice ever “During Fourth of July weekend?!?”  I am such a loser at times.
  • I really need to get some new summery dark colored tops for work.
  • I doubt I can wear my bright green Crocs at work…way to bright.
  • I’ll have to go back to doing my shopping on the weekends I think….of course my work day ends at 2:15, so….
  • I finally got my kites and haven’t taken them out for a spin yet…another example of my lameness.
  • How long should you wait for someone to mow your lawn when they said that the would do it 4 to 5 days ago?  I thought that was a long time so I have set up plans.  I’m sure they will both show up the same day.
  • I need to get this insomnia thing under control.  Sure I can sleep until 10am NOW but starting next week I have to be AT work by 7am…oof!

Happy Wednesday, I’m hoping mine will get better with less clutter in my brain.

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