Keep doing what you are doing…

I had a check up for my knee today.  Things went great.  The doctor was really pleased with how well I’m recovering.  I asked about some exercise but he wants me to wait a couple of weeks before I start that doing that. He gave me a prescription for Physical Therapy although he said he doesn’t think I will need it.

Slow and steady seems to be the plan right now.  I pretty much elevate it every night from the minute I get home until I’m out the door the next morning.  I have my cane with me pretty much all the time but it has been folded up and out of sight for the past few days.

I’ll follow the doctor’s words as he said to me today “Keep doing what you are doing.”

In other news, I have left LuLaRoe.  With my knee and interpreting, I was feeling overwhelmed and had to reprioritize things.  I love the LuLaRoe brand and continue to wear it pretty much daily, I just won’t be selling it anymore.  If you need help finding stuff though,  I know a few people that can help.

This weekend will be yet another weekend of staying in the house.  Not because of the knee but because of weather.  Hurricane Irma is headed to Florida and pretty much going to rain for everyone in the state.  whee…  We are off Friday and Monday due to the hurricane.  I wonder if it does come to Jax on Monday if we truly will be headed back to work on Tuesday.  I guess we’ll see.   Be prepared for boring rain pics on my social media accounts.

Four Weeks…

Tomorrow will be four weeks since my fall.  My knee is doing great.  Still discolored and swollen.  My legs and ankles are huge by the end of the work day so I end up coming straight home to put my legs up.  Elevation is my friend.

My HurryCane has been my constant companion.  We have a love hate relationship.  I don’t want to use it.  It gets in my way.  Have you ever tried to carry a lunch, coffee, keys and use a can to try to get down four steps to leave your house.  It is a pain.  I have to leave the coffee on the railing, go down the stairs and then lean over to grab my coffee.  I’m usually fine in the morning and don’t need the cane but by the end of the day, I’m happy for the extra steadiness.

Other than my knee, things are going well.  The school year is finding its groove and the team of interpreters I work with is great.  We get along swimmingly.  There isn’t a day that they don’t make me laugh.

Jerry and I haven’t been doing much due to my knee.  I’m resting up so I can make sure to go the Jacksonville Jaguar opening game.  I missed both pre-season games. Also, we have a trip coming up to Chicago.  I’m so excited because we are going to see Hamilton!  “Not throwing away my shot!”

Anyway, looking to the long weekend to keep resting up my knee.  I see the doctor next week and I’m actually looking forward to doing some physical therapy to get my full range of motion back.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


I really should write more…

I think my blog is collecting too much dust.  I don’t know why I don’t post more.  A lot of it has to do with my Google+ account.  It’s there that I do most of my online interactions.  I should utilize this space more though.  It’s cathartic to just sit and type out my feelings.  It doesn’t matter who reads it, it’s for me.

So, what’ have I been up to?  I started walking Mondays through Fridays on a treadmill at a gym.  Yes, you read that right.  At. A. Gym.  This morbidly obese woman walks into a gym and waddles over to the treadmills and walks.  I usually try not to get on the ones that are in front of mirrors because I don’t really enjoy watching my “stuff” jiggle while I walk.  It’s like a bad B-movie where I’m a monstrous bowl of Jello coming to stomp out the small country village.  I also don’t interact with people there.  I hardly ever make eye contact. I plug my headphones in before I walk through the door and listen to my music so I can be in my little safe world.  The staff, when they are there that early usually tells me “Have a nice day” as I waddle out the door at the end of my walk.  It’s nice…I guess…

I started five weeks ago.  I’m doing a 12 week walking plan put out by the Mayo Clinic.  I’m feeling better overall.  I have more energy and I’m sleeping better at night.  Last week we went to the zoo and I could actually walk pretty much the entire time.  I think I only had to tell Jerry that I needed to sit for a minute a couple of times.  In the past it would have been like every 10 to 15 minutes.  Yay me!

Work is going well.  I have an intern there for three days a week.  It’s been going well.  It’s actually a great learning experience for me as well.  It reminds me of the things I need to work on to be a better interpreter. It is fun to see the intern at week one and how much they improve over the weeks.  I think we are in the halfway point of their internship.  I hope I’m doing a good job as a mentor…

If you have made it here, thank you for reading.



Shoulder, yoga, and just general life.


Wow, I really don’t update my blog enough.  I guess since Google+ is there I tend to micro-blog there quite a bit.

It’s almost holiday season.  I can’t believe the school year has gone by so quickly.  I wish I could say that it’s been a good year, and mental it has. Physically, not so much. Last year I started having problems with my left shoulder.  It nearly locked up on me.  A round of steroids and things got better.  Summer vacation allowed me to rest from interpreting and I didn’t give it a second thought.  The school year started and I would be working with a different student.  One who was enrolled in advanced classes.  What!?  I really didn’t know what to expect.  After the first couple weeks I was blown away.  The kids in these classes actually understood and I could see the learning happening.  So fun!  With these classes came a higher level of interpreting.  I love it.  There is only one draw back, the teachers talk for the entire 90 minute block. Four classes a day + 90 minutes = Ouchiness.  My shoulder started hurting again. I headed back to the doctor for another round of steroids.  It helped relieve some of the pain but I started experiencing numbness in my bicep and hand.  UGH!

This week I go to an orthopedic specialist to see what can be done.  It’s odd, the pain I feel.  I can only describe it as electricity shooting down from my shoulder to my middle, index finger, and thumb.  Pins and needles I guess would be another way to say it.  Some of my colleagues are sure it’s Carpal Tunnel.  I hope they are wrong as I don’t have any pain in my wrist area.  I guess that’s why we go to doctors, right? I’m a tad nervous all though I’ll be happy if they can stop this feeling in my arm and hand.

One person mentioned that I’m probably getting injured because I need to lose weight.  Yes, I’m overweight.  Yes, it can cause added pressure on my joints, i know this.  Yes, I know I need to lose weight.  But I honestly think it’s the 90 minute blocks of interpreting, four times a day that is causing some kind of repetitive stress injury.  Again, I’ll let the doctor diagnose me and stop Googling things to try to self diagnose.

In an effort to start moving again and help get some flexibility, I took a private yoga lesson.  I feel in love with the process.  I haven’t been able to go back due to my shoulder I decided to find a home practice DVD and do what I could.  After a thorough search of the internet I found  I ordered the DVD, Expanding into Fullness (heh..the name cracks me up, I got your fullness right here).  It sat on the table for a week.  Today, was the first time I used the DVD.  Ahhhhh….I feel good.  I couldn’t do all the poses.  That’s fine.  If my shoulder started to do it’s electrical thing, I rested.  I already feel different, better.  I wonder if that’s normal?

What else, Oh…Jerry is now a Glass Explorer.  I was given an opportunity to invite people to become explorers.  It’s been fun to have him be a Glass celebrity with me when we go out and about.  People don’t approach him though…they beeline to me.  It’s got to be because I’m so cute 🙂

I’m feeling annoyed…

Those are best remedied by a brain dump. If there is too much rattling around up there, my brain doesn’t function well.  Here goes:

  • Twitterbots always seem to “@” me when I’m in the middle of a flame and get me even more frustrated.
  • If I wanted to see your pinterest pins I’d log in to
  • Why would a maid service use the last of my trash bags and not leave one in the can?
  • If your child needs to be medicated, frakin’ medicate them!
  • School starts at home.
  • It’s easier to let someone turn in front of you then avoid eye contact with them so you can get through the intersection 4 seconds faster.
  • Bydureon makes my tummy hurt.
  • Benedryl is my friend.
  • Still need to fly my kite.
  • Why can’t people just be good? 
I feel better.  

It’s time for a brain dump…

My brain gets cluttered and I need to put down what’s going on.  These are in no order of importance.

  • Really wish people would think before they say/post things.  You never know who is listening/reading things.  I don’t think you’d really mean to hurt someone with the things that are said.
  • Tolerance is a lesson that we all need to work on.
  • Twitching eyes are annoying.
  • Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t the easiest task or the fastest way but it is the way that allows you to lay your head down on your pillow at night and rest easy.
  • There is never enough money for all the things you can dream up.
  • Take care of yourself!
  • Kill ’em with kindness.
  • Karma is real!
  • Don’t count on things you can’t control.  They rarely work out.
  • Lying will not earn points with me.  …and I rarely forget.
  • I’m still not a very good care giver.   I tend to be bossy.
  • Lasix is evil.  No one should have to pee that much. I know it’s supposed to be helping but come on..every 45 minutes?
  • Giving yourself a shot isn’t as tough as I thought it would be.
So yeah, these are the things on my mind right now. Hopefully, blogging about them will allow my brain to clear for more fun thoughts.

Trying to read the map…

This past weekend, Jerry and I went and saw the movie The Help.  It was a wonderful and inspiring movie.  But, it was yet another tap on the should for me to do something. I just don’t know what that “something” is yet.

I know we all want to leave our mark on the world.  Some are artists, healers, politicians, motivators, the list goes on.  ….and then there is me.

This isn’t a pity party.  I know we all can’t be Martin Luther King Jr. or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  We all do have a purpose.  I guess I’m just wondering what mine is.  Where am I supposed to make a difference?

If the journeys  in life are supposed to lead you to this greater good, why can’t I read my map to get there? Maybe I have the wrong map, maybe it’s out of date, maybe I just suck at navigation (hehe, that even made me chuckle).

Maybe, it doesn’t have to be a big thing to make a difference.  Hmm…I need to ponder that for a bit.

Brain dump…

My brain is getting cluttered so it’s time for a brain dump.  Random thoughts that I need to put down to hopefully clear some room for new thoughts.

  • Game of Thrones on HBO was great but the book is just SO much better.
  • 1st part of Summer Vacation is over this weekend.  I didn’t do much.  I hope to drag Jerry out of town after Summer School Session.  He mentioned going to Disney this weekend but I slammed that door shut by saying in my most whiny voice ever “During Fourth of July weekend?!?”  I am such a loser at times.
  • I really need to get some new summery dark colored tops for work.
  • I doubt I can wear my bright green Crocs at work…way to bright.
  • I’ll have to go back to doing my shopping on the weekends I think….of course my work day ends at 2:15, so….
  • I finally got my kites and haven’t taken them out for a spin yet…another example of my lameness.
  • How long should you wait for someone to mow your lawn when they said that the would do it 4 to 5 days ago?  I thought that was a long time so I have set up plans.  I’m sure they will both show up the same day.
  • I need to get this insomnia thing under control.  Sure I can sleep until 10am NOW but starting next week I have to be AT work by 7am…oof!

Happy Wednesday, I’m hoping mine will get better with less clutter in my brain.

Time for a brain dump….

You know..there are so many things I want to tell you all about (I use “all” loosely as I know no one out there is reading this) but I am having problems putting it into a decent post. So I’m just going brain dump 🙂

  • Got a Xoom.  Love it!  So many ways to make it mine and not a cookie cutter tablet.
  • Spring Break is next week.  I really wish we were going to do something but that never seems to happen.
  • Not sure if I’m going to San Diego.
  • I really wish eating wasn’t a necessity.
  • Been thinking about Mom and Dad a lot lately.  It was this time last year that Mom was really sick.  She passed over spring break…*sigh*
  • Why don’t I drink more water in the day?
  • Got to see the super moon at the beach.  Was so pretty.  Thank you to my darling Jerry who puts up with my randomness and didn’t grumble about me wanting to see it from the beach.
  • When was the last time I was at Disney?

So yeah..I think that pretty much catches me up.  I’m sure there are a few more things that are rattling around up in the skull but for now that is good.

Brain Dump….

I don’t really have a good train of thought so it’s time for me to list what’s going on in my life. These are in no particular order, just how they pop up in my mind 🙂

  • Work is becoming a challenge but I’m up for it.
  • Why must sweating be so gross?
  • I haven’t had soda since Christmas Eve and I really don’t miss it.  It’s too sweet.
  • I’ve become a regular morning coffee drinker and I love it.
  • Who knew Nutella was so good.
  • Still break down over my parents death…wonder how long that lasts?
  • Two new neighborhood cats are hanging around the house.  We prolly look like those crazy cat people to our neighbors.
  • I need new clothes but I hate shopping.
  • Think I might buy Just Dance for Wii this weekend.

Happy Wednesday!  My work week is short due to Teacher planning and the end of the quarter.  I love that I don’t have to go in on planning days.  I ♥ my job!