Commission much?

Today, I ventured out to get a couple things. A pair of Ugg boots and jeans. I’ve been wanting to try them on and see if they would be cute. I headed to the mall. Walked into Dillards and headed to the shoe section. Instantly, I was greeted and asked if I know what I wanted to see. Gave the young lady my size and she disappeared. A few moments later she returned with a box and the boots that I have been “eyeing” for the past few months. After walking around the shoe section, I purchased them. My card wasn’t reading in the chip reader so she asked if she could try. She had the magic touch and I was done with my purchase.

I also needed some jeans. My current jeans are just too big on me. I don’t wear a lot of jeans but for sporting events, etc. it’s nice to have pockets. I walked into Torrid. I wandered around a few minutes and finally went to the counter where two women were chatting about something or another. I interrupted them, nearly unsuccessfully, and asked for some help. “HELLO, I want to spend money here!!!” After what I felt was an eye roll, one of the clerks came out from behind the counter and asked me what size. I told her I wasn’t sure as it’s been awhile and I had lost some weight. I guessed, and she proceeded to look for that size. After handing me two of the same size, I decided that I would try them on to see if this was the right size before I tried all the different styles. (Ripped, dark, light, lots of rips..goodness, I just want jeans!) I headed back to the dressing room and tried on the jeans and a pair of trousers I had grabbed on my own. Nope….that wasn’t my size. I needed to go down. YAY!!!

I left the dressing room and headed back to the jean area hoping the clerk would see me and help me more. I guess her gab session with other clerk was more important. After about 15 minutes of me pulling at racks and disrupting piles of jeans, I found a smaller size but in a style that wasn’t really what I was wanting. I decided to go try them on.…not my “cut”. I walked back over to the jean pile to return the wrong cut jeans and heard from across the store. “Any of those work out for you?” I responded that they were the wrong size. I must have stood over in the jean area another five minutes when I realized that they didn’t care about my sale. They weren’t going to help me. I left. I will head over to another shop later this week where I know they will help me find flattering clothes for me.

I don’t get it.  I know these retail shops are on a commission and you’d think they would want to sell me overpriced jeans that I was more than willing to buy.  Heck, maybe even some dress pants, that, in my opinion, were over priced too.

It’s okay…here’s another picture of the cute boots I purchased today!


Yay!! It’s summer time 🙂  Lots of good stuff going on.

Next week I’m going to Silent Weekend in Orlando.  I’m excited to learn lots of stuff about ASL and interpreting.  You can never have enough knowledge.  I feel I still have a long way to go so I’m ready for next week.

For the Fourth of July we will be in New York City picking up my Glass.  Or at least I hope we will.  We tried to go last weekend but Airtran had other ideas and only got us halfway there.  Needless to say, we will never be choosing them for a flight again.  We’ve had luck with them in the past but this was horrendous.  They did offer $50 off our next trip…pfft…yeah…  No thanks, I’d like to actually arrive at where I booked the tickets to go to.  Anyway, so yeah, New York.  I’ve never been to the city so we are going to stay for a few days and check out the city vibe. With Glass.

The rest of the month of July will be very low-key.  Nothing planned.  Early August I have another workshop for interpreting.  This one is local so no lovely hotel stays for me.  I really do love just throwing my towel on the bathroom floor.  Is that wrong of me?  …and then a week later it’s back to school.  I hope I get to stay at the school I’ve been at…although change is fun.

“I don’t gotta do nothin’.”

So today my little Fit lite it’s fuel gauge light and informed me it was time to get gas.  Ok, we’ll head to our neighborhood Shell Station @ 940 Post Street because I want to support local merchants.  I pull up and swipe my card, the screen lights up and nada.  So I head into the store, already disgruntled that the pay at the pump isn’t working and flash my debit card and said “Here is my card, I would want to fill up my car but the pay at the pump isn’t working on pump number 4”.  I immediately get “Oh yeah…umm..pump 4 is actin’ up…”.  So I admit that I was a little terse and said “Then you should really put a sign on it so people do try it and then have to come all the way in here just to get gas….  Here’s where a good Shell Oil representative would have said “I’m sorry for you inconvenience but I can swipe your card in here and you can fill up, etc.”  BUT instead I got, “I don’t gotta do nothin’.”  Which at that point I turned around, walked out and said “You’re right, you don’t”, drove off and headed to another gas station for service.  Which ended up being 2 cents a gallon cheaper.  I know it seems petty that I let that get to me.  Why should I pay for attitude?