Happy New Year!


Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.  ~Mark Twain

I think it’s normal to look back on the year and reflect.  So as I sit in my living room, I look at my husband and kitty and think…I’m pretty lucky.   We have had a good year.

I was hoping to get our bathroom remodeled this year…ah well…we are lucky we have two bathrooms. Right?!

Work is good.  It’s a challenge this year but I never back down from challenges. I’m continuing to work towards national certification.  I hope to take the EIPA test again in 2015.  I’ve already set up workshops that start in January.  I love to learn!

As I look to 2015, I hope to continue working on becoming a better me.  No resolutions for me, other than to be kinder, more understanding, and a good citizen of the world.

Orphan Christmas…

If I could have one Christmas wish it would be to have my family back.  Since my parent’s died both in 2010, my family has been at odds.  Fights over crazy things makes me wonder if we ever got along.  I guess mom was the one keeping the family glue sealed tight.  I occasionally here from people via text messages but it’s rare…very rare.

I remember Christmas days where the whole family and extended family would gather just to hang out together. I really miss that.

Now..it’s just me and Jerry.  His parents died as well.  Dad in 2008 and mom in 2009.  His sister is in Hawaii.  His extended family is distant too.

Don’t get me wrong…there is no one I’d rather spend Christmas with…Jerry is my everything but some love from family would help as well.

So cherish those family moments!  The good and the bad…because one day..they will be gone.

Yup…it’s Christmas time…


We get our decorations on the outside.  I love going to Disney to see the decorations.  The Yacht Club resort was beautiful this year and no one can say that the Osborne Christmas lights aren’t gorgeous.  Our house on the other hand….only thing we put up this year was our 8-bit wreath from Think Geek.  

*shrug*  being orphans has blessings and curses.  Christmas is just another day to me. I do like the two weeks off from work.  And yes, I enjoy the lights and all the decorations. But the clean up…oof.  I’m a horrible housewife as it is.   Jerry and I aren’t even exchanging gifts.  We got new phones and tablets earlier this autumn.  It’s like Christmas throughout the year here at Heartstone.

I’m not depressed, I swear…just indifferent…not that I don’t wish people “Merry Christmas” because I really hope everyone enjoys their holidays.

So…Merry Christmas!! 




Merry Christmas and all that jazz!



Jerry and I have been pretty busy this holiday season.  We headed to Disney to meet up with some fellow Glass Explorers and had a marvelous time.  Met some of the nicest people.  I even tricked got Jerry to agree to Annual Passes for Walt Disney World. We hope to head down there for a couple of days during the break.  Shouldn’t be crowded at all. heh

I am still going to physical therapy for my neck twice a week.  It’s getting better/worse everyday. I say better/worse because while the numbness and tingling are better, the stiffness and soreness of my neck seems to be getting worse.  I’m sure it’s just that the muscles that I’m strengthening aren’t use to it yet.  I’m going to talk to the therapist tomorrow at my appointment.  My range of motion is better so I guess I should just say I’m getting better.  Fine. I’m getting better.  😛

The weather here is warm.  Okay, hot.  It was 83° F here today.  Crazy.  I think it’s supposed to cool down later this week.  I’m not saying I miss the white stuff that I grew up with back in Michigan but a cool day for Christmas might be nice.

Hope your holidays are merry!


Ho ho ho..and all that Jazz.

Christmas has been difficult for me the past, umm, four years.  It was in 2008 that Jerry’s dad passed away and since then Holidays have been bittersweet. Jerry’s mom passed right after Christmas 2009 and both my parents died in 2010.   At first we would put up little trees, or I would hang a string of lights on the mantel.  This year…nothing.  I regret it until I remember that if you hang it up, you have to clean it up.  That’s right, I’m lazy.

We did keep our tradition of watching the TBS Marathon of A Christmas Story.  It reminds both Jerry and I of our parents and Holidays past.   Jerry’s mom thought we were nuts when we wanted to watch that over and over.  🙂  We didn’t have anything better to do while we waited for “Santa” to show up.

We also cooked a lovely meal together, another holiday tradition. This year we tried a standing rib roast.  YUM!  I think we both agreed that this will be on the Christmas Menu for years to come.

It was also the first year in many that one of us wasn’t sick.  I don’t know why we get sick on Christmas Day but it seems to happen a lot.  …or maybe because it’s a memorable day we remember it better. *shrug*

I will say that my blood family isn’t as close as I thought it was.  Over Thanksgiving I sent out TXT messages (I know) and didn’t hear from anyone until my sister finally responded to our home phone number which now accepts TXT messages.  Yeah, I didn’t see that one.  Thankfully, Jerry had the Xfinity app installed on his phone and saw the TXT so I could respond back.  Today, I did the same thing.  I heard from my oldest brother..well..I got a “Happy Holidays” response back.  It’s weird having grown up with what I thought was a tight knit family….and now…

I’m lucky to have Jerry!  He and our cat, Nutmeg, are a wonderful little family. I know this entry is up and down.  It’s how I feel about the holidays lately.

Oh…I watched The Polar Express today.  LOVED the story.  What’s up with the “Children of the Corn” animation though?  It was distracting.


Merry Christmas!


Sure, yeah…whatever..that works…

Christmas time for many people means driving around visiting people, shopping, wrapping and a lot of other stressful activities.  Jerry and I are pretty low key during the holidays.  Granted, a lot of that is due to the fact that both sets of parents have passed away.  Sure we still have gatherings and such but not to the magnitude it used to be.  We now control our holidays.

This year we are spending the 23rd with Jerry’s sister.  Christmas Eve afternoon with their cousins, aunt and grandfather.  Later that evening we’ll be headed over to a local church to meet up with our friend Angie and her girls for a candle light service and then get together at their house.

Okay, okay..it does sound like we are busy but really only for 24 hours.  Christmas day will be spent lounging around the house or maybe a movie.  It’s up to us 🙂

I wish you all a very non-stressful, chillaxin’, Merry Christmas!!

Fa la la la la….

Well, it’s that time of year again. We kicked off our Christmas season last Saturday at Jerry’s company holiday party. It was pretty fun. Jerry and I even danced. I don’t think we danced last year. *shrug*

This week is the last week of work until Winter break. Then I’m off for two weeks. Yay! Jerry is taking some time off too so we are stuck together. It’s a good thing Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out so we can bother eachother game together.  Jerry is already “in” as he was smart and put his pre-order code in as soon as he got it.  I unfortunately waited until November 2nd.  Ah well….  We will be playing on Juyo server in case you were wondering.

This weekend we have more Christmas fun.  Friends are coming over on Friday for Chinese take-out and movies.  Then on Sunday we are heading up to Georgia for the Sutton Family Christmas.  I’m looking forward to bugging Jerry in the car for a couple of hours.  Good times…good times…

Still need to do some shopping for Christmas.  Jerry…still need to shop for Jerry….

Other than that we have been doing good. We are totally stuck on The Big Bang Theory right now.  We watch re-run after re-run just laughing like it was on for the first time.

It’s that time of year….

It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed the holidays. Kind of sad actually. All the hoopla just makes me…I don’t know…meh.

I really miss Mom and Dad. They were the glue that held what I thought was a pretty close family together. I’ve come to learn that was all a farce.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have tons of things to be thankful for. Jerry being top of the list. He keeps me happy. I’m spoiled rotten, I’ll admit it. He dotes on me and I let him 🙂

I am excited about our tradition of going to see a movie on Black Friday. I’m not much of a shopper. In fact the thought of “What to get someone” makes me anxious. Maybe I’ll just give everyone pajamas. Everyone needs pajamas, right? Back to the movies…this year we are going to see The Muppets. I can’t wait! I love The Muppets and I’m ready for their madcap fun.

So from now until the New Year, I’ll be feigning some of my jolliness. I am mostly a happy person but this time of year makes me reflective of past holidays that seems simpler.

2010, you won’t be forgotten…

Wow, where has the year gone!  It’s been…well…some year….

One year ago today, we were burying Jerry’s mom.  Then in April, my mom and finally in August, my dad.  I miss them. I spent six weeks over the summer in Michigan which ended up being blessing and allowed me to spend some good quality time with Dad. (Even if it was hard to be so far from Jerry)  My family is…well…Mom and Dad were definitely the glue that bound us all.    

A high point is that I did get to finally see Washington D.C.  A place that both Jerry and I had been wanting to visit.  A terrible storm caused his company to move their conference from Nashville, which I was looking forward to visiting, to D.C.  Although a knee injury caused me to be a little non-mobile (yes, that’s my word choice) we got to see some of the highlights of the city.  We hope to go back and spend a few days exploring it more.

I’m not sad to see the year go.  I am sad to have lost so much in the past 365 days.  Marking time, in all it’s silliness does remind me that no matter what happens, the sun still comes up in the east and sets in the west.  It’s the little constants that make life amazing and wonderful.  It doesn’t stop.  Life continues.  Babies are born.  That whole circle of life thingy is one crazy ride that I’m happy I sort of understand 🙂

So bring on 2011!  I look forward to what you  have to bring.