Detours, not road blocks!

I’m happy to write that I passed my EIPA written exam back in October.  I actually passed.  Yay!!

So why the detour in my journey to certification? Well, this past Saturday my I got my results for the performance test.  I retook the assessment four months ago to improve my score.

…I did improve, but only by .10.  Not the gain I was hoping for.  Not the gain I had worked toward for two years. As I reviewed the breakdown of my score I had actually gotten worse in some areas that I nailed previously.  WHAT?!?  Ugh…  So while I won’t be getting national certification this year, I did improve.  I didn’t slip backwards.

I just read a quote from Janet Fitch, the author, “The phoenix must burn to emerge.”  So burn, baby, burn.  I will rise.  I will soar.

The journey continues….

I slept in until around 8:00 am.  I was woken up by a husband that cooked me breakfast.  This is not a usual task.  Around here for breakfast, it’s fend for yourself.  Today was a little different he told me, “You need brain food”.  Who am I to argue with someone else cooking me breakfast.

I piddled around a little on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic but couldn’t get into a rhythm to start, let alone, finish any quests.  I decided to take a shower.  I lingered…let the hot water calm me down…

I decided that I needed to eat some lunch before I headed out I send Jerry to European Street to get me my usual Princess Anna on gluten free bread.  It seemed like it took him forever but then again, the time for me leaving was approaching.

Noon, ok…time to head out the door.  Darn, still need to get gas.  Why is it that the gas station is always slammed packed when I really need gas?  Hopped on the highway and kept looking at the time.  I had to get to University of North Florida by 12:45 pm.

12:40 pm, pulled into my parking spot.  Checked in on Swarm app.  Headed up to the computer lab. Checked in.  Dry mouth!! Ugh, went downstairs to get a bottled water.  Headed to the bathroom one last time before the exam.

My heartbeat was racing, I even told a few people that I was more nervous about this than the performance tests. Everyone gave each other supportive words and the test started. “You have four hours to complete this exam.”

An hour into the test i can feel the fatigue of sitting and staring at the computer screen settling in.  I sip some water.  Rub my eyes and continue on.  Thirty minutes later I get to the end of the test but have listed all the questions I want to go back and review.  Part of me says “Screw it..just hit submit”.  Thankfully the responsible Jeanne woke up and scrolled to the beginning of the test and reviewed the questions I wanted to review.

I pressed submit.  The screen seemed to take forever to refresh.

Congratulations you have passed blah blah blah…. I blinked a few times, raised my had for the proctor to come exit me out.  We exchanged happy smiles and I gathered my things and headed to the bathroom where I broke into tears.  OMG! I passed.

Another milestone in my journey is passed.  I am feeling accomplished today.  But I won’t rest on my laurels. I will continue to become the best interpreter I can be.

OMG, I passed.  Whew…



Shoulder, yoga, and just general life.


Wow, I really don’t update my blog enough.  I guess since Google+ is there I tend to micro-blog there quite a bit.

It’s almost holiday season.  I can’t believe the school year has gone by so quickly.  I wish I could say that it’s been a good year, and mental it has. Physically, not so much. Last year I started having problems with my left shoulder.  It nearly locked up on me.  A round of steroids and things got better.  Summer vacation allowed me to rest from interpreting and I didn’t give it a second thought.  The school year started and I would be working with a different student.  One who was enrolled in advanced classes.  What!?  I really didn’t know what to expect.  After the first couple weeks I was blown away.  The kids in these classes actually understood and I could see the learning happening.  So fun!  With these classes came a higher level of interpreting.  I love it.  There is only one draw back, the teachers talk for the entire 90 minute block. Four classes a day + 90 minutes = Ouchiness.  My shoulder started hurting again. I headed back to the doctor for another round of steroids.  It helped relieve some of the pain but I started experiencing numbness in my bicep and hand.  UGH!

This week I go to an orthopedic specialist to see what can be done.  It’s odd, the pain I feel.  I can only describe it as electricity shooting down from my shoulder to my middle, index finger, and thumb.  Pins and needles I guess would be another way to say it.  Some of my colleagues are sure it’s Carpal Tunnel.  I hope they are wrong as I don’t have any pain in my wrist area.  I guess that’s why we go to doctors, right? I’m a tad nervous all though I’ll be happy if they can stop this feeling in my arm and hand.

One person mentioned that I’m probably getting injured because I need to lose weight.  Yes, I’m overweight.  Yes, it can cause added pressure on my joints, i know this.  Yes, I know I need to lose weight.  But I honestly think it’s the 90 minute blocks of interpreting, four times a day that is causing some kind of repetitive stress injury.  Again, I’ll let the doctor diagnose me and stop Googling things to try to self diagnose.

In an effort to start moving again and help get some flexibility, I took a private yoga lesson.  I feel in love with the process.  I haven’t been able to go back due to my shoulder I decided to find a home practice DVD and do what I could.  After a thorough search of the internet I found  I ordered the DVD, Expanding into Fullness (heh..the name cracks me up, I got your fullness right here).  It sat on the table for a week.  Today, was the first time I used the DVD.  Ahhhhh….I feel good.  I couldn’t do all the poses.  That’s fine.  If my shoulder started to do it’s electrical thing, I rested.  I already feel different, better.  I wonder if that’s normal?

What else, Oh…Jerry is now a Glass Explorer.  I was given an opportunity to invite people to become explorers.  It’s been fun to have him be a Glass celebrity with me when we go out and about.  People don’t approach him though…they beeline to me.  It’s got to be because I’m so cute 🙂


Yay!! It’s summer time 🙂  Lots of good stuff going on.

Next week I’m going to Silent Weekend in Orlando.  I’m excited to learn lots of stuff about ASL and interpreting.  You can never have enough knowledge.  I feel I still have a long way to go so I’m ready for next week.

For the Fourth of July we will be in New York City picking up my Glass.  Or at least I hope we will.  We tried to go last weekend but Airtran had other ideas and only got us halfway there.  Needless to say, we will never be choosing them for a flight again.  We’ve had luck with them in the past but this was horrendous.  They did offer $50 off our next trip…pfft…yeah…  No thanks, I’d like to actually arrive at where I booked the tickets to go to.  Anyway, so yeah, New York.  I’ve never been to the city so we are going to stay for a few days and check out the city vibe. With Glass.

The rest of the month of July will be very low-key.  Nothing planned.  Early August I have another workshop for interpreting.  This one is local so no lovely hotel stays for me.  I really do love just throwing my towel on the bathroom floor.  Is that wrong of me?  …and then a week later it’s back to school.  I hope I get to stay at the school I’ve been at…although change is fun.