Mentorships and personal growth…

Monday closes out a five week mentorship I was enrolled in.  It was hard for me to admit that I was not proficient.  I have to say that interpreting has been a constant struggle.  I’m not complaining because this struggle/challenge has been enlightening.  I cab see that the mentorship has been well worth my time.  In just five weeks I can see changes in my ASL/PSL product that were lacking.

Armed with the tools to continue, I will practice somethings that have been pointed out to me.  For example, I sign a lot of signs.  Too many for a consumer to get a clear understand of what’s going on.  Why work so hard when you can sign fewer signs and be amazingly clear?

Also, placing people, object, countries, continents in space makes for a clear “picture” in my product.  Armed with sticky notes, I can practice that too.

I am a little sad that the mentorship is over so quickly.  Five weeks flew by.

Cold weather ramblings…

I like the cold weather.  By cold, I mean cold for North Florida, not like “tip of the mitt” Michigan cold. I’d rather bundle up in layers than be sweating in the heat of Florida.

At work, it’s great.  I dress in layers so the more I interpret, the layers peel off.  Wait..that sounds wrong.  Sounds like I’m doing some kind of interpreting/striptease act.  Ooof…ain’t nobody wanna see that!! I do need some more cute cardigans though….

I finally got the results of my performance test.  While I did improve, I did not get the rating I was hoping for to achieve National Certification.  A huge blow to my ego.  Not that I ever think I’m good enough but honestly, this is the first thing in work life that I didn’t just naturally excel at.  Every other job I moved up quickly and succeeded.  This, not so much.  While I enjoy a good challenge sometimes it can be heartbreaking.  Sometimes, I forget that I did improve.  Not as much as I wanted, but improvement none the less. Go me.  Next weekend I’ll be travelling to Central Florida for another workshop. This time for “voicing” skills.  Good, this is one area that I need lots of work.

Cold weather means that Nutmeg, our little ton of fur, wants to go sit out on the screened porch but five minutes after being out is begging to come back in.  We end up playing doorman to her if she would have it her way.  Thankfully, we can distract her with some glossy catalog we tell her “not to sit on”.  Cats….


20150728_152717_208So here I am in Omaha, NE attending a workshop put on by Boystown.  This is the same people who developed the EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment).  I figured that if I was going to test again I should learn from the people who developed the test.

I left the comfort of my summer of nothing, to travel to Nebraska by myself.  I don’t have a problem with that, just with the thought of meeting new people.  I admit that I’m overly critical and feel like I am not worthy to be here.

20150728_152802_507Today was day one and I’m love it.  They really get into the nitty gritty of what the evaluators are looking for in the assessment.  Today we discussed the fingerspelling and why it is so important.  I have to admit that when I started interpreting I looked for signs high and low so that I wouldn’t have to fingerspell.  Now I know why it’s important and why I should be using it more.  Basically, if a teacher is talking about a concept, the student needs to know what the vocabulary work is and they need to know how to recognize it on a test.  They only way they for them to see the “written” word that will be on the test is for us, as interpreters, to fingerspell it.

Looking forward to learing more over the next couple of days. I have to say that the people at Boystown Lied Learning and Technology Center have been wonderful.  I want to be them…haha…don’t know about moving to Omaha though.  Anyway.  Going to let my brain rest a bit before going over all my notes from today.

Silent Weekend 2015

FondueNightSilentWeekend2015Holy new brain pathways, Batman!  I can’t believe how much I learned this year.  I feel like such a noob again.

I really tried to stretch my brain this year.  I went to presenters that I had never gone to before.  I went for topics that were a challenge for me instead of taking the easy workshops.  I asked questions!  This is huge for me.  I am basically an introvert..I know..I don’t seem like it, but basically I just want to be a hermit. (INFJ) Next year, I’m adding “socialize more” on my goal list.

I have a few weeks to let this all soak in before I head to Omaha, Nebraska at The EIPA Diagnostic Center for another workshop.  These are the people who “do” the EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment).  I’m really excited to go and work on tweaking my interpreting skills to hopefully improve my EIPA score when I test in early August.

OMG, just typing this all out has me overwhelmed.  That’s what happens to me.  Breathe!


The “busy” dichotomy…

love-heart-yin-yang-thumb10025492It’s been an odd couple of months here at Heartstone.  This weekend is just another example of busy, but not busy, weekends.

Jerry’s company is expanding their office so he is at work setting up workstations for pretty much the entire company.  I forget sometimes just how hard he really works.  Between servers shutting down, the move, and looking for new employees his life is constantly moving.

My work is about to get busy with testing, FSA, Florida State Assessments, start Monday.  This is stressful for all involved.   For interpreters, it’s a lot of sitting around waiting to see if the student needs anything interpreted.  So..on the other hand..not busy at all.  It is mentally exhausting though to sit quietly for hours without being able to occupy your mind by reading or…well…anything.

Nutmeg’s life…well…as far as a cat’s life she is living it up now that it’s warmer outside.  She spends most weekends on the porch watching the passersby and making sure that no other cats try to take her territory. She also protects the house from lizard marauders.

I’m hoping next month we’ll be able to head to Disney. I know Star Wars Weekends are coming up and that is always fun.

Today is the day…

I’m starting a new chapter in my life.  At 11:30am I will be undergoing some dental surgery that will leave me to becoming a denture wearer.  Maybe I will use “dental prosthetic wearer” as it doesn’t have as much stigma.  I’m really anxiously/calm right now.  I just want it to be over at this point.

Jerry has taken today and tomorrow off to care for me.  Not that there will be much to do.  I’m pretty sure I’ll just be a couch potato for the next few days.

I knew this day was coming but it doesn’t prepare you for the feelings of “OMG, I’ve failed myself”  No…genetics and underlying autoimmune diseases failed my teeth.  I always grew up with the dentists saying “you have teeth just like your dad”  Yup…even he wore dental prosthetic.  I thought I had been lucky, and I guess I have because I made it to nearly my 48th birthday.  11 days until the birthday…in case you still need to pick out a gift.

I really like the dentist that is doing the surgery today.  I feel completely confident in his treatment plan.

So there ya have it.  I, Jeanne M. Sutton, be the end of today will be a dental prosthetic wearing goddess.

Life’s little speed bumps….

So…On Valentine’s day I knocked out one of my front lower teeth. I knew it was loose and I needed to get to a dentist but I was hoping to wait for spring break so I wouldn’t have to take time off work.  My mouth had other ideas.  Got into a dentist on the 19th and told me that I had periodontal issues and would need the rest of my lower incisors extracted, wait a week for healing, come in for impressions, and then in 2 weeks I would get a partial denture.  My world crumbled. I know I’m almost 48, but I was too young for dentures.

A week later, and a whole lot of internet research, I’m not too young/old for dentures.  In fact there are tons of people out there who have dentures since they were in their 20’s.  I couldn’t imagine going three weeks with no teeth so I called Dr. Davis and was able to get in to see him this morning.  Exam, done.  Impressions, done. I will be having my three remaining lower incisor teeth pulled next Thursday and my partial denture will be given to me that day.  Not three weeks later. YAY!  I’m killing my sick leave but I now know that I need to get on this mouth issue ASAP.  Of course, I knew that periodontal disease can cause health problems but I was in denial. Even though my father had periodontal issues.  In fact, I think he had the same kind of partial I’m getting. I’m sure my Hashimoto’s and diabetes aren’t helping my mouth health at all.  UGH….so overwhelmed but looking forward to getting this started.

I know that this probably isn’t the end of my dental problems either.  My upper incisors are splaying out but aren’t loose so we aren’t doing anything with them.  Yet…  I am hoping invisaligners but who knows…

I want to thank KALinJAX and her YouTube channel, and website for helping me with the courage factor.  You are an inspiration to many and I am grateful that people like you are out there making us fraidy cats feel a little better.  I know my situation isn’t the same as yours but the same feelings are there.

So there you have it….another little speed bump in life that keeps things interesting. I’m hoping that is the only speed bump for a while.

#IAmGrateful 1/28/15

Rough Odd day at work.  Need to get these three things down to heal my soul.

  1. That I work with some of the most supportive people.  It’s nice to know you aren’t alone and that people are feeling the same way.
  2. The contractor actually answered a text today with helpful information.  No specifics but I’ll take it..I’m grateful for it.
  3. That we are on the downhill towards the weekend.  I need Friday to be here now!!


#IAmGrateful 1/21/15

I don’t feel like typing but I’m doing so well with this #30daychallenge that I didn’t want to forget to post.

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. Team mates at work that are fun to work with.  I don’t think there is a day that goes by that the ladies I work with don’t make me laugh.  Love them!
  2. Students with a great sense of humor.  I tend to be sarcastic and it’s rare to find kids that get that humor in middle school.  So when one “gets me”..they become one of my favorites 🙂 (I mean..They are all great..each one is my favorite…all…)
  3. Marshmallows.  I think I might have mentioned them in an earlier grateful post.  I’m not sure but I have recently become addicted to them.  I’m sure it’s the sugar.  I really need to cut out all sugar.  ….but….marshmallows….

#IAmGrateful 1/20/15

Sleepy today but 30 day challenge.. Yada, yada, yada….

  1. When trying something new in the kitchen during taste awful. They were out of my fajita seasoning so I ended up with a Mexican blend. Chicken, onions, tri-color peppers, over rice… And it tasted pretty good.
  2. Exercise bikes. We invested in a recumbent bike. Now while I watch my soap I ride. I’m still don’t well with it but I have been able to do something everyday since Saturday. That is something.
  3. Marshmallows. They are yummy in hot chocolate. They make it…special