Ok..let’s try this…

Sometimes we need to put our health first, even when we don’t want to. I’ve ignored my Hashimoto’s and Diabetes too often.  That is going to change because I am tired of feeling crumby.  Finally went and saw my Endocrinologist today.

I hate taking pills.  I have 10 different medicines I have to take a day.

  • 7 in the morning
  • 2 when I get home from work
  • 3 with dinner
Some of them are doubled up (morning and night) but wow…I need a spreadsheet to keep it all straight.  Actually my OCD keeps me on top of things.  I wish my OCD would keep my house clean but that’s another post.

I’ve also traded one pill (Januvia) for a pen injection (Byetta).  Hopefully this will keep my blood sugars even throughout the day.  I’m having a problem with my fasting sugars hanging around 160-180.  Bonus, side effect of Byetta is that patients usually lose weight!

Still trying to get my thyroid closer to a normal level.  The shakes have stopped but my Endocrinologist is hoping that doesn’t mean it’s swinging back up to being too high.  I am guessing that I’ll be back on having blood tests every 6-8 week for the next few months.

I’m also trying to keep my stress levels down.  Things at work were really riling me up, and it’s only the third week.  I can’t do that to myself.  That whole “balance the wheel of life” can really be a challenge and this summer really had been stress free.  Even while working summer school. I’m going to try to carry that mentality to the normal school year.

Had labs done last Friday, saw my Endo today and have another doctor appointment on Friday and more labs to do this weekend.  Oof!  Why do I put myself through this?…oh yeah…to feel better.

Summer vacation, part two…

Ahh…another small break before the regular school year begins.  Lots of changes this year.  New principal, students are to be mainstreamed and people let go, resigned or moved to other schools.

One of my favorite people called me this weekend to tell me she was resigning and moving on.  She is one of the people that made going to work fun.  I looked up to her as an interpreter and learned tons from her.  I will miss her.

Change…that seems to be what life has been about lately.  Today I had to go to the doctor for lab work.  I’m really trying to get healthy.  I have lost 36 lbs since school let out in June and am hoping that with some of the weight gone I can get my health in order. I still have lots more to lose but that’s okay.  🙂  Having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can be a challenge.  I have these thyroid storms that make me either really tired, or jittery.  Fun hunh?

This upcoming weekend, Jerry and I are heading to Savannah, GA.  I have never been and am looking forward to getting out of town and exploring a new city.

Brain Dump….

I don’t really have a good train of thought so it’s time for me to list what’s going on in my life. These are in no particular order, just how they pop up in my mind 🙂

  • Work is becoming a challenge but I’m up for it.
  • Why must sweating be so gross?
  • I haven’t had soda since Christmas Eve and I really don’t miss it.  It’s too sweet.
  • I’ve become a regular morning coffee drinker and I love it.
  • Who knew Nutella was so good.
  • Still break down over my parents death…wonder how long that lasts?
  • Two new neighborhood cats are hanging around the house.  We prolly look like those crazy cat people to our neighbors.
  • I need new clothes but I hate shopping.
  • Think I might buy Just Dance for Wii this weekend.

Happy Wednesday!  My work week is short due to Teacher planning and the end of the quarter.  I love that I don’t have to go in on planning days.  I ♥ my job!


I really need to start planning outings or something for
the weekends. I could easily fall into hermit status and that isn’t healthy .

Tomorrow I have to get groceries. My plan is early morning to avoid the Sunday mob. Here’s hoping that I can keep that promise to myself….

It’s brain dump time…

Every once in a while my brain just stops functioning.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m thinking of too many things at once or what.  I’m going to try to solve it by randomly putting down things that are on my mind (in no particular order).

  • Mom and Dad, still can’t believe they are both gone.
  • How can people change so rapidly that you don’t even recognize them?
  • Oil changes..why don’t I need one yet?
  • Where are my purple shoes?
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK
  • other people’s storage
  • What’s for dinner?
  • Droid 2 R2D2 edition
  • Going through my clothes and giving them to Goodwill
  • Crab legs
  • Converting all my music to digital
  • Music clouds?  Hmm..that sounds cool…
  • Cruising
  • Watching the ocean
  • Kites

I think that’s about it.  oh..and chocolate…

Work is going okay.  I have a new challenge this year.  I’m working with an autistic young man and he is keeping me on my toes.  I’m lucky to have such wonderful supportive c0-workers.  It makes it easier.  

Jerry and I are doing good.  Still love him with everything.  Can’t believe how funny he *still* is.  Nearly busted a gut last night he had me laughing so hard.

Other parts of my life are so-so.  Don’t really know how to express it so I won’t bore you with my ramblings.

out and about…again…

I’m sitting in our hotel room at the Gaylord Nation Hotel & Convention Center.  I can’t believe I’m not at home.  It’s been a crazy summer.  Gone for a month in Michigan, home a week and then here. The time in Michigan was precious, I wouldn’t give up that time with my dad for anything.

It’s actually nice to be out and about with Jerry.  I really missed him this summer.  Even sitting and watching TV with him is SO much better than watching it alone.

We arrived in the DC area on Tuesday.  We won’t have much time to be tourists.  We did walk around the National Harbor on Tuesday.  It’s a nice area.  Much nicer than the Landings in Jacksonville.  It’s been over 15 years since I’ve been to the Inner Harbor Baltimore so I can’t really compare that anymore.  Although the Inner Harbor memories still outshine The Landings.  Jacksonville really needs to work on that and make it a destination spot.

Yesterday, Jerry’s company had a golf outing.  Jerry takes pictures for his companies events and he needed a driver so he could hop out and snap some pictures out on the course.  I volunteered 🙂  Little did I know that it would be the rainiest day of the week (so far).  It was still fun and Jerry and I laughed through the wind and rain.  I will note that sitting around in wet pants for the luncheon and awards wasn’t very comfortable but at least it was a shared misery with the 70+ golfers.

I’m on my own today.  I plan on doing absolutely nothing except enjoying the resort.  My knee is getting better but it could probably use more rest.  I want to be ready for next week when I go back to work.

Round two…

Dad starts round two of his chemotherapy today. He did pretty good last week. Had a little trouble near the end of the week but is going to talk to the doctor about that today and maybe she’ll have a fix. Hard to see anyone go though this….cancer truly sucks! Almost makes me wish I had more chemistry and biology knowledge so that I could help find a cure.

The good thing that has come out of all of this is that I’m able to talk to my dad everyday and he can hear me. Sure I might have to repeat myself a few times but it’s worth it.

I know I have to go up there this summer just trying to figure out when. I’ll worry about that later 🙂

Quick updates….

Here a few quick updates:

Back at work…it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

Jerry is busy with work. Canadians, conferences, etc.

I have a new iPad and am addicted to it. (blogging from it now)

Dad has decided to giver chemotherapy a try. Wants to gain some weight and have some more time.

I love lazy Sundays

Today has been blissful!  We went to store last night so we could have a full pajama day.  We grilled some burgers/hot dogs for lunch and enjoyed a marathon on USA of House.  We love that show! 

Mom is in the hospital.  Her hemoglobin levels are low and has had 4 units of blood now.  Hopefully that will help with her energy levels.  I think she was supposed to see her Oncologist tomorrow and I don’t know if that is still happening.  Hard to know from 1100 miles away. 

Jerry and I are treking up to Michigan next week to visit.  I’m actually kind of happy she is in the hospital although I know she is disappointed thatt we aren’t going on the cruise. *sigh*

Got my biopsy back from the spot on my leg, benign.  😀  Now I just need to really get rid of all this extra weight.  Just need to find some motivation.  We are cooking at home more which I know is a step in the right direction.  Also, I’m trying to be aware of my fullness factor.  Before I would eat until I made myself sick. 🙁  Now, I can actually put a 1/2 of sub in the fridge and not gorge myself.  Baby steps, right?

It’s update time…

Mom:  She says that her doctor told her the chemo isn’t working but then she tells my sister that she is starting chemo again.  Lots of confusion mixed in with some hallucinations that Stormtroopers are bringing her water in the night. 

Dad:  It’s all hearsay, but he is getting stronger.  He used to get on AIM but that hasn’t happened since his near death septic shock last July.

Jerry:  Forever my rock!

Me:  Still waiting on my biopsy from the dermatologist.  Leg is slowly healing, now it’s just a big pink dot.

We’ll be heading up to Michigan to see mom and dad in early April.  One day we’ll have an actual vacation.