not part of the clean plate club…

20141230_202004_788Jerry and I have been under the weather the past week.  Today we ventured out to go to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Neither one of us could finish our meals.   So we left it.  Trying to eat healthier, it doesn’t make sense to bring home leftovers.

Flash forward to dinner time.  We fire up the grill for to filet mignon, bacon sauteed brussel sprouts, and a sweet potato for me and baked potato for Jerry. Half way through dinner, we were done.  We usually always finish dinner.  So I grabbed the foil, wrapped our plates for the fridge.

I’m hoping the trend continues.  If we can reduce portions I’m sure we’ll both feel better soon. I already feel tons better since going gluten free.

…so anyway…bacon sauteed brussel sprouts are yummy! I’m going to keep that on the rotation.  Although maybe not as much…. *shrug*

It’s okay to leave food on the plate! 🙂


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