Cold weather ramblings…

I like the cold weather.  By cold, I mean cold for North Florida, not like “tip of the mitt” Michigan cold. I’d rather bundle up in layers than be sweating in the heat of Florida.

At work, it’s great.  I dress in layers so the more I interpret, the layers peel off.  Wait..that sounds wrong.  Sounds like I’m doing some kind of interpreting/striptease act.  Ooof…ain’t nobody wanna see that!! I do need some more cute cardigans though….

I finally got the results of my performance test.  While I did improve, I did not get the rating I was hoping for to achieve National Certification.  A huge blow to my ego.  Not that I ever think I’m good enough but honestly, this is the first thing in work life that I didn’t just naturally excel at.  Every other job I moved up quickly and succeeded.  This, not so much.  While I enjoy a good challenge sometimes it can be heartbreaking.  Sometimes, I forget that I did improve.  Not as much as I wanted, but improvement none the less. Go me.  Next weekend I’ll be travelling to Central Florida for another workshop. This time for “voicing” skills.  Good, this is one area that I need lots of work.

Cold weather means that Nutmeg, our little ton of fur, wants to go sit out on the screened porch but five minutes after being out is begging to come back in.  We end up playing doorman to her if she would have it her way.  Thankfully, we can distract her with some glossy catalog we tell her “not to sit on”.  Cats….

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