Commission much?

Today, I ventured out to get a couple things. A pair of Ugg boots and jeans. I’ve been wanting to try them on and see if they would be cute. I headed to the mall. Walked into Dillards and headed to the shoe section. Instantly, I was greeted and asked if I know what I wanted to see. Gave the young lady my size and she disappeared. A few moments later she returned with a box and the boots that I have been “eyeing” for the past few months. After walking around the shoe section, I purchased them. My card wasn’t reading in the chip reader so she asked if she could try. She had the magic touch and I was done with my purchase.

I also needed some jeans. My current jeans are just too big on me. I don’t wear a lot of jeans but for sporting events, etc. it’s nice to have pockets. I walked into Torrid. I wandered around a few minutes and finally went to the counter where two women were chatting about something or another. I interrupted them, nearly unsuccessfully, and asked for some help. “HELLO, I want to spend money here!!!” After what I felt was an eye roll, one of the clerks came out from behind the counter and asked me what size. I told her I wasn’t sure as it’s been awhile and I had lost some weight. I guessed, and she proceeded to look for that size. After handing me two of the same size, I decided that I would try them on to see if this was the right size before I tried all the different styles. (Ripped, dark, light, lots of rips..goodness, I just want jeans!) I headed back to the dressing room and tried on the jeans and a pair of trousers I had grabbed on my own. Nope….that wasn’t my size. I needed to go down. YAY!!!

I left the dressing room and headed back to the jean area hoping the clerk would see me and help me more. I guess her gab session with other clerk was more important. After about 15 minutes of me pulling at racks and disrupting piles of jeans, I found a smaller size but in a style that wasn’t really what I was wanting. I decided to go try them on.…not my “cut”. I walked back over to the jean pile to return the wrong cut jeans and heard from across the store. “Any of those work out for you?” I responded that they were the wrong size. I must have stood over in the jean area another five minutes when I realized that they didn’t care about my sale. They weren’t going to help me. I left. I will head over to another shop later this week where I know they will help me find flattering clothes for me.

I don’t get it.  I know these retail shops are on a commission and you’d think they would want to sell me overpriced jeans that I was more than willing to buy.  Heck, maybe even some dress pants, that, in my opinion, were over priced too.

It’s okay…here’s another picture of the cute boots I purchased today!

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