So what does that word mean? Yes..I know, the right and wrong of the world. What if my “right” doesn’t match up with your “right”? Those little nuances can really cause problems if the rules aren’t spelled out.  So what do you do when ethics and how they are applied differs?

I tend to be a rule follower and when they aren’t…I look down on the people who don’t folks what I think is right. That could be a fault in my character. I mean…really…What makes me right and all judgemental? Maybe I’m in the wrong.

Yeah, this post is all over the place. I guess I’m wrestling with this concept.

Work was daunting today. I’m exhausted and my brain is done. I’m sure I’ll revisit this….30 day challenge or not.

If you stuck with this…this is how my brain works. Lots of things rattling around but resolutions can be hiding.

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