Fa la la la la….

Well, it’s that time of year again. We kicked off our Christmas season last Saturday at Jerry’s company holiday party. It was pretty fun. Jerry and I even danced. I don’t think we danced last year. *shrug*

This week is the last week of work until Winter break. Then I’m off for two weeks. Yay! Jerry is taking some time off too so we are stuck together. It’s a good thing Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out so we can bother eachother game together.  Jerry is already “in” as he was smart and put his pre-order code in as soon as he got it.  I unfortunately waited until November 2nd.  Ah well….  We will be playing on Juyo server in case you were wondering.

This weekend we have more Christmas fun.  Friends are coming over on Friday for Chinese take-out and movies.  Then on Sunday we are heading up to Georgia for the Sutton Family Christmas.  I’m looking forward to bugging Jerry in the car for a couple of hours.  Good times…good times…

Still need to do some shopping for Christmas.  Jerry…still need to shop for Jerry….

Other than that we have been doing good. We are totally stuck on The Big Bang Theory right now.  We watch re-run after re-run just laughing like it was on for the first time.

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