Flip my karma…

Up and at ’em seemed to be how we started our day.  We decided that today we would go grocery shopping early and enjoy the weekend.

The universe had other plans.  We were up before 8am, so our favorite breakfast spot Cool Moose Cafe wasn’t open yet so we headed over to Corner Bakery.  As we drove past the park at the end of our street we saw the tents set up for a run.  As we got closer to the Corner Bakery we saw a sea of people at the restaurant.  OOF!  Okay..it was only 15 minutes until Cool Moose was open so we headed back over.  YAY, I really wanted to eat here anyway!  I had the best banana, apple, and flaxseed muffin ever!!

We headed back over towards the sea of runners to do our grocery shopping at The Fresh Market.  In and out in a jiffy!  Now…how to navigate around this…race…walk…what was it?  I made a decision to go the back way to get to Publix.  WRONG!!  We followed the where the police were waving us to go and we ended up back where we started..kinda… Great.  After trying a few other routes I know, we were always met with police directing us back from where we came from.  They had split Riverside in two…and we needed to get to the other side.

At one point, we were stopped for 20 minutes as we hoped the “hold and release” traffic pattern would allow us to cross.  This gave me a chance to find that the event was The First Coast Parkinson’s Run. Finally, I found a map on their Facebook page and could find a route to get us to the opposite side of Riverside.

I’m all for fund-raising, but 45 minutes to get 4 blocks is crazy, especially because the police officers had us going in circles.  There should have been a race detour set up.

Despite all my complaining, I applaud the people participating in today’s event.  Just donated to National Parkinson Foundation.


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