Giving thanks….

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It’s that time of year again.  It seems the years get quicker as I age.  Jerry and I were up at the crack of dawn preparing my dad’s stuffing.  We’ve tried other recipes through the years and this is the one that we agreed was the best.  I have a scan of the original recipe card that my mother wrote, in her perfect penmanship, that I display every year to follow.  It’s like both mom and dad are here with just that little .jpg file of a recipe card.

This time of the year makes me miss family.  Both of our parents have passed and extended family lives out-of-state.  Jerry and I have had many a holiday meal alone together with is fine, there are times I wish there were a slew of people to hangout with though on a holiday…

Thanksgiving.  We have no harvest, so I can’t be thankful for that.  We do have pretty good careers that give us the means to have a bountiful meal.  I guess that’s it kind of like a harvest.  Yay!  Although I’m having some problems with my neck and shoulder, I’m relatively healthy, as is Jerry.  Yay!  All in all, I am thankful for the life I have.

If you are with family this holiday, hug them tight and tell them how much they mean to you.  If you have recently had a loss, look back and remember all those wonderful moments you had together and know they are with you in your heart. If you are venturing out to work on this holiday, thank you for your service.   Happy Thanksgiving.

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