My mission to find a great gluten free tortilla wrap

Fajitas are a favorite in this house hold. We have tried having the “fixin'” over rice but it just isn’t the same.

Two weeks ago, we tried the Mission brand corn tortillas. They were a yummy but a bit flimsy. We were used to our flour tortillas and how they hold up to fajita goodness. Wanting to stuff more goodness into each wrap, we bought Wrap-itz gluten free tortillas.

wrapitzCardboard. Saying they were tough isn’t clear enough. When you roll them they split because they are cardboard. I’m sure they would work great in a Mexican casserole but for rolling and wrapping… No.

I’ve heard Udi’s wraps are good but haven’t found any yet. Haven’t looked that hard.  

The search continues for a great, hearty, tortilla wrap.

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