Dad has been home now for about a week.  I guess he is doing okay.  He doesn’t really talk on the phone because it’s hard for him to hear so I’m not 100% sure on things.  I say this because my Mom has been sick with some kind of flu the past week and is a little vague about things.   If I take the bits and pieces of what she tells me I get freaked out and feel super guilty about not being closer to help out.  I did get her to say she needs to call the doctor but I have my doubts that she’ll actually do it.  They are stubborn! 

Guilt is a terrible feeling.  I’m not getting it just from that front either.  I am feeling guilty because I’m selfish and want to get out of town and have some fun. 

 Emotions are complicated…

I get overwhelmed by them at times.  I often think about sitting in the “rec room” of an asylum and just playing with the other patients.  Like somehow that would be easy. 

Ok..I’m not really crazy, but I would like the easy life sometimes…someone to do all my thinking, cleaning up after me, and just take care of me.  *shrug*

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