Happy New Year!

Just a few more hours left of 2012.  It was a pretty good year.  Can’t complain.

My families estate is somewhat settled.  Just a few loose ends but I don’t see that being resolved in the future and that’s okay.  Forgive, but don’t forget, right?  I miss Mom and Dad every day.  There are so many things that I want to tell them, or show them, that they would find cool.  They were pretty hip for being parents.

My health is pretty much the same. I really need to get a grip on this weight.  It’s dangerous and I know that.  Fruits and veggies, no sugar and if I do get breads it’s got to be very limited.  I think that I”m gluten sensitive but don’t want to have a bunch of tests.  I know I can do this, I just really need to commit.  The fear of death is real and I need to be smart.

Work is going pretty good.  Strange, because after this school year I’m not really sure where I will be placed. I hope I still have a job. I know a few others are moving on to other things so I’m sure there will be a place for me. I also need to get serious about this credential stuff.  I have DVDs to help me study my “student” reception skills.  I just need to get them back from the person that borrowed them from me and do it.

Home life is good.  Sure, I could use a trip out of town or two but that’s okay.  I have a wander bug that Jerry doesn’t.  It’s not a deal breaker.  We’ll be going to San Antonio in May and then I have Silent Weekend in Orlando in June.  I would love to get away for spring break in early April….we’ll see. I am a girl that loves a great hotel room.  (no clutter, someone else cleans it, no responsibilities)

I am a pretty lucky girl and always seem to land on my feet. I don’t expect anything different for 2013.

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