Healing Heartstone

Things I would love to do this summer break would include:

  • Whisking off to Europe
  • Renting an RV and seeing our country
  • Going to a beach house for the next 2 months
  • Cruising the high seas and stopping off at various islands

What I am really doing this summer isn’t as glamorous.   This week I’m focused on things around the house that need repair.  Being a homeowner sucks at times.  Yeah..I said, it sucks.  You can’t just call a landlord to come fix this and that.  You actually have to schedule the appointments AND pay for things to get fixed.  WHAT?!?

Screenshot 2015-06-08 at 8.11.37 AMI love our little 1926 bungalow, but she needs some love.  The bathroom is finally done and paid off and I love it.  I think the next big project will be the backyard.  Our neighborhood, Riverside, has really small back yards and with the grown trend of saving water we want to put in a hardscape with a little firepit.  In the meantime, there are lots of things that need to be fixed.  So today is the day that “Mr. Handyman” comes and fixes all those things.  I’m really hopeful that it will only be a one-day project, but past experience is telling me that isn’t going to be longer than that.

This summer also brings lots more workshops for me.  End of June I head to Orlando to attend Silent Weekend, in July I’m going to Nebraska for an EIPA 3 day workshop and then immediately upon return, another 4 day workshop and then the EIPA test! EEP….I’m freaking out about that last part already.

Nutmeg, our little fur ball, loves this time of year.  It means full days of enjoying the screen porch and catching lizards.

I’m hoping that between workshops and home repairs we can head out to an adventure

I hope everyone enjoys their summer, whatever it brings.

Update since I sat down to start this post:  Handyman doesn’t fix roofs.  That means the carport repair is on hold.  UGH.  Still need to find someone who does brickwork around the bottom of the house and now apparently a roofer.  Hoping the tree service people don’t have any problems.



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