Health check…

Today was my appointment for my endocrinologist. I was a little anxious as this was the first appointment since the doctor put me on Bydureon. I was finally getting past the side effects and able to keep my tummy aches to a minimum now.  I didn’t want to go through that again with a different medicine if that one didn’t work.  Also, insomnia has been in high gear lately so I was curious about my TSH levels.

A1C = 5.0  YAY!!  Feels good to know that the medicine is working.  The once a week shot isn’t really that big of a deal.  I like it better than the twice a day shot of Byetta, that’s for sure!

TSH = 0.05 YIKES! (I usually feel best when it’s around 1.0) I kind of knew because of the insomnia and some other things that have been going on.  The doctor wants to keep my Synthroid dosage the same but lower my Cytomel.  Hopefully that will do the trick. I’ll find out in Mid-October when I do more labs.

All my other labs looked great.  The doctor was more than pleased with how everything is going along.  It’s nice to have a good checkup.

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