Ho. ho. Ahhhhh (:

It was an odd Christmas, once again. Jerry had some odd, sleep inducing, nausea, sickness on the 23rd which I of course had on Christmas day. This thing just wipes you out. Hopefully we are both past all that and can move on to 2011.

I have been thinking a lot about children and Christmas and how wonderful it is to see the magic in their eyes as they look at the lights, hear the Nativity story and meet Santa for the first time. We don’t really know about that. But then again, we are asleep in bed at a reasonable hour on Christmas night and don’t have to worry about putting together bikes and play sets. Slot A into Tab B…what the $#@&! I know there are people that are out there who ask us why we don’t adopt. I don’t think that is what we were meant to do. Maybe I’m being selfish? I really like my little family. It’s very low stress. (Most of the time)

So far this week has been quiet. Lots of catching up my “soap” or stories as they say here in the south, playing video games and wishing that Jerry was off this week too. I’ve had some pajama days..yes..plural. Now I’m off to head to Starbucks and Target for handsoap. Yup…I’m living the life and loving it!

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