Ho ho hmm

Three days until Christmas and I’m still trying to get that feeling that seems to be everywhere but with me.

MIL isn’t doing so well.  She isn’t eating and today she barely talked to us.   Seems to be a pattern in my life that is getting harder and harder for me to handle.  Not sure how Jerry does it.

My Dad is also still in the hospital.  He will definitely be there for Christmas.  I think he’s trying to make the best of things there though.   Which is good…positive attitude and go a long way.  I need to get me some of that…

Jerry was back to work today after being off for nearly a week.  I actually was pretty lonely around the house today.  I fought the urge to call him many times.

A year ago, Christmas, Jerry had the flu and I didn’t want to cook a whole feast for just me.  I don’t even remember what I had last year…it wasn’t Chinese, I think it was snacks from Walgreens.  Wasn’t going to have a repeat of that this year so today I made a trip to the Honeybaked Ham store and picked up lots of goodies for us to eat over the holiday weekend.   I’ll hit up the Publix tomorrow for some staples to go along with the feast.

I do have tons to be thankful for in my life.  And believe me that isn’t going unnoticed.  Each day I say “thank you” for my blessings and try to keep those in mind when the rest of this envelops me. Many of my friends have been very supportive and I really appreciate the little comments.  They mean the world to me.  I can never really explain how much I appreciate them.  So in the words of Tiny Tim, “God Bless Us, Every One!”

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