Ho ho ho..and all that Jazz.

Christmas has been difficult for me the past, umm, four years.  It was in 2008 that Jerry’s dad passed away and since then Holidays have been bittersweet. Jerry’s mom passed right after Christmas 2009 and both my parents died in 2010.   At first we would put up little trees, or I would hang a string of lights on the mantel.  This year…nothing.  I regret it until I remember that if you hang it up, you have to clean it up.  That’s right, I’m lazy.

We did keep our tradition of watching the TBS Marathon of A Christmas Story.  It reminds both Jerry and I of our parents and Holidays past.   Jerry’s mom thought we were nuts when we wanted to watch that over and over.  🙂  We didn’t have anything better to do while we waited for “Santa” to show up.

We also cooked a lovely meal together, another holiday tradition. This year we tried a standing rib roast.  YUM!  I think we both agreed that this will be on the Christmas Menu for years to come.

It was also the first year in many that one of us wasn’t sick.  I don’t know why we get sick on Christmas Day but it seems to happen a lot.  …or maybe because it’s a memorable day we remember it better. *shrug*

I will say that my blood family isn’t as close as I thought it was.  Over Thanksgiving I sent out TXT messages (I know) and didn’t hear from anyone until my sister finally responded to our home phone number which now accepts TXT messages.  Yeah, I didn’t see that one.  Thankfully, Jerry had the Xfinity app installed on his phone and saw the TXT so I could respond back.  Today, I did the same thing.  I heard from my oldest brother..well..I got a “Happy Holidays” response back.  It’s weird having grown up with what I thought was a tight knit family….and now…

I’m lucky to have Jerry!  He and our cat, Nutmeg, are a wonderful little family. I know this entry is up and down.  It’s how I feel about the holidays lately.

Oh…I watched The Polar Express today.  LOVED the story.  What’s up with the “Children of the Corn” animation though?  It was distracting.


Merry Christmas!


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