How come there aren’t any songs about Tuesdays?

Is it just kind of a day of the week that we get through?  I could be wrong, it’s been known to happen but I can’t think of one song about Tuesday.  Oh wait..there is that Men Without Hats one, “On Tuesday”.  I think it’s from their “Pop Goes the World” album.  Good stuff!!  If you forward in the video below to 5:19 you can hear that song.  Sorry it’s a boring vid…tried to find one but this is all there is on the internets 🙂

So if you can think of any other songs about Tuesday, please forward it to me.

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  1. While not ABOUT Tuesday, the Beatles’ “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” has the line:

    “Sunday’s on the phone to Monday,
    Tuesday’s on the phone to me.”

    Also, Kiss has the song “Let Me Know,” again with a rundown of days in the lyrics:

    “Let me be your Sunday driver,
    let me be your Monday man.
    Let me be your Tuesday taxi,
    I’ll take you anywhere I can.”

    Good trivia question though, thanks!

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