I blame Google+…

Where have I been?  Why aren’t I blogging?  Where are your millions of brain dumps?

I didn’t go anywhere.

I have been lost in Google+.

My brain hasn’t needed a dump lately…?

I have been having a blast on Google+.  I have gotten lost in conversations between people I have never met in real life talking about things way above my intellect and loving it!   If you haven’t tried it, it’s now open to everyone.  You can find me at http://gplus.to/gknee. Circle me.   🙂

So brain dumps eh?  ok…

  • Rebecca Zapen’s new CD Nest is awesome, we attended her pre-release CD party last night.  You can find out more about her at www.zapen.com
  • Work is…well..I have been having an eye twitching problem due to stress.  It only happens at work so I’m trying not to let work stress me out.  I care too much sometimes.
  • Health is good, slowly the weight is coming off.  I wish is was flying off like it was before but that wasn’t healthy.  Slow and steady, right?
  • Sticking myself twice a day with a needle is getting easier.  I don’t freak out before the needle pokes through my skin anymore.  Testing blood sugar hurts more.
Not a lot cluttering the brain.  That’s a good thing!

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