“I don’t gotta do nothin’.”

So today my little Fit lite it’s fuel gauge light and informed me it was time to get gas.  Ok, we’ll head to our neighborhood Shell Station @ 940 Post Street because I want to support local merchants.  I pull up and swipe my card, the screen lights up and nada.  So I head into the store, already disgruntled that the pay at the pump isn’t working and flash my debit card and said “Here is my card, I would want to fill up my car but the pay at the pump isn’t working on pump number 4”.  I immediately get “Oh yeah…umm..pump 4 is actin’ up…”.  So I admit that I was a little terse and said “Then you should really put a sign on it so people do try it and then have to come all the way in here just to get gas….  Here’s where a good Shell Oil representative would have said “I’m sorry for you inconvenience but I can swipe your card in here and you can fill up, etc.”  BUT instead I got, “I don’t gotta do nothin’.”  Which at that point I turned around, walked out and said “You’re right, you don’t”, drove off and headed to another gas station for service.  Which ended up being 2 cents a gallon cheaper.  I know it seems petty that I let that get to me.  Why should I pay for attitude?

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