I love lazy Sundays

Today has been blissful!  We went to store last night so we could have a full pajama day.  We grilled some burgers/hot dogs for lunch and enjoyed a marathon on USA of House.  We love that show! 

Mom is in the hospital.  Her hemoglobin levels are low and has had 4 units of blood now.  Hopefully that will help with her energy levels.  I think she was supposed to see her Oncologist tomorrow and I don’t know if that is still happening.  Hard to know from 1100 miles away. 

Jerry and I are treking up to Michigan next week to visit.  I’m actually kind of happy she is in the hospital although I know she is disappointed thatt we aren’t going on the cruise. *sigh*

Got my biopsy back from the spot on my leg, benign.  😀  Now I just need to really get rid of all this extra weight.  Just need to find some motivation.  We are cooking at home more which I know is a step in the right direction.  Also, I’m trying to be aware of my fullness factor.  Before I would eat until I made myself sick. 🙁  Now, I can actually put a 1/2 of sub in the fridge and not gorge myself.  Baby steps, right?

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