I will be heard….

Yesterday after the Jaguar game, while waiting for the shuttle buses, I noticed, as I have in the past, several people ignoring the line and going to the front and slipping over to the back door loading area for the bus.  A normal person would have continued in line and then when reaching the point where you can break off, proceed.  No…these people cut in front of many people so they could get on the bus and would not have to stand in line.  This really irked me.  I started to talk loud and was instantly hushed and told to “drop it”.  I did…but now I’m regretting that decision.

Why should I allow such things to happen? Why should I tolerate people doing wrong?   Shouldn’t I be standing up against that?  Shouldn’t I be trying to help my fellow man learn the proper ways of civilization? Heck, to be civilized, because that behavior was not civilized at all.  Sure, you can argue that they were trying to “survive by any means possible” and that’s the order of natural selection.  Does that mean that civility takes a back seat to natural selection?  I hope not.

I was happy to hear the woman behind me talking about it too.  I heard the words “some people are just assholes” a few times.   This put a smile on my face to know that I wasn’t alone.

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