#IAmGrateful 1/19/15

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. Google Glass.  It has brought me over a year of enjoyment and I feel honored to have
    My First picture with Google Glass - Google Basecamp New York
    My First picture with Google Glass

    been part of the #ifihadglass #GlassExplorer group.  I have met so many wonderful people because of the Explorer program.  People who I cherish and have made an impact in my life (Although, they might not know how much they mean to me). Glass has made it so easy for Jerry and I to snap pictures of our lives.  Some pictures seem mundane and but because we normally don’t take the time to pull out our phones/cameras to capture those we miss out on seeing that part of our life.  Winking, and then looking back makes those “normal” moments really interesting.  Thank you Google[x] and congratulations on releasing Google Glass to the Nest division.  I look forward to seeing where Glass goes from here.

  2. Laundry machines in our home.  I remember the days of lugging baskets and bags of laundry to the laundry mat.  Six – eight loads later and we’d have to fold them all right then and there to make the journey back home.  Yes..it was all done at once but those three hours of hanging out, waiting in the heat for that was miserable. I love that I can put a load in, do something else.
  3. A husband that makes me laugh.  I do feel lucky to have such a funny husband.  He is punny, corny, and generally silly.  I know he doesn’t show that side to a lot of people and I feel fortunate that he is that way with me.  He’s freakin’ hilarious.  Wonder if anyone else knows that?

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