#IAmGrateful 1/30/15

Thirty day challenge complete with this post!! I have to say this has really opened my eyes to how lucky I am.  I already know that I was lucky, this just confirmed it.

Three things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Gadgets.  I love them.  The reason I’m grateful for them is that I love how they can make my life easier.  From my phone that can pretty much keep on eye on the house, turn on lights, change the temperature to the toaster that warms up my waffles.  Gadgets are great.
  2. Weekends.  This week has been strange.  Okay..let’s face it..work since Christmas break has been strange.  I feel like I’m working for the weekends lately.  I plan to not think about work.
  3. My friends on Google+.  They constantly amaze me with their posts that often spark old interests and get me involved in things that I would otherwise ignore. Yup…I’m that person.  Because of Google+ I have found the next #30daychallenge. More on that tomorrow.

It’s bittersweet to say good night to this challenge.  I’ve learned something about myself.  I am inherently lazy. I almost did a post everyday.  I’m proud about that.  I had to stop and thing about all the blessings in my life…so that’s cool too. My next challenge won’t require a post everyday which my streams will be happy about that.  Come on..I know….”OMG, Why is she posting AGAIN!!” came out of your mouths recently.


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