#IAmGrateful 1/7/15

Hmm..seems that I missed a day.  it’s okay 🙂

Today is “Take care of Jeanne” day.  I had my quarterly check up with my endocrinologist.  I’m doing good.  He was pleased with my weight loss.  I mentioned that I went gluten free and he said that I should continue to feel better and better.  We even changed my thyroid medicine to a gluten free option.  I love it when doctors listen to their patients and work with them.

I’m writing my post now as in about 15 minutes I need to head to my eye doctor for a check up.  I don’t do well with dilation so typing on a computer screen is painful.  ..and crazy looking because I have to zoom the screen to 150%

So here are my three things I’m grateful for:

  1. Doctors that listen to me and don’t discourage me from doing research on my health and how to treat it.
  2. Daily contacts.  I don’t have nearly the discomfort I had before..not that it was bad but my monthlies only lasted about 2 weeks before they bugged me.
  3. That I have healthcare.  It’s such a pain to take time off and go to the doctor but I think about how I might feel if I weren’t getting the right treatment for Hashimoto’s.  A day off to take care of me seems a small price. My insurance is included in my benefits package with the school district.  It isn’t the best insurance I’ve had…that was when I was working for AOL but it is pretty stress free which I think is worth something too.

Okay..it’s time to go get dilated. (That sounds..umm…wrong)


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