#IAmGrateful 1/8/15

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It’s the small things…right?  I’m noticing that more with this gratitude challenge that it’s not the big overture that tugs at my heartstrings but the little things that seems so insignificant yet have lasting effects.  So what do I mean…hmm…I don’t know if this is truly an example but today here in Jacksonville, FL (Jax) it was chilly.  Like, really cold for Florida, chilly.  During the day it was the right conditions for snow flurries.  The kids at work, I work at a middle school, were so excited about snow flurries and that just warmed my heart. They wanted to make sure that everyone knew that it was snowing, so no one would miss this rare sighting here in Jax.  I smile just remembering that from earlier today…

Okay…so here is my list of things I’m grateful for today:

  1. That I don’t live in snow covered areas anymore.  I grew up and lived in Michigan for 28 years.  I’ve had my share of snow.  Yes, it’s pretty….but I don’t miss it.
  2. I have a great support system at home.  Jerry doesn’t always have to agree with me and sometimes that’s okay, I need to hear opposition.  But if I need to vent…he will try to just listen.  You know men..they have to fix everything (Tee hee hee)
  3. My Zojirushi rice cooker.  I like to cook but cooking rice was never my forte.  With my rice cooker I can set it and forget it. SO easy. Let me tell you that the rice is really yummy too.

Ok..time to go turn on my faux fire and enjoy some rice 😀

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