I’m feeling annoyed…

Those are best remedied by a brain dump. If there is too much rattling around up there, my brain doesn’t function well.  Here goes:

  • Twitterbots always seem to “@” me when I’m in the middle of a flame and get me even more frustrated.
  • If I wanted to see your pinterest pins I’d log in to pinterest.com.
  • Why would a maid service use the last of my trash bags and not leave one in the can?
  • If your child needs to be medicated, frakin’ medicate them!
  • School starts at home.
  • It’s easier to let someone turn in front of you then avoid eye contact with them so you can get through the intersection 4 seconds faster.
  • Bydureon makes my tummy hurt.
  • Benedryl is my friend.
  • Still need to fly my kite.
  • Why can’t people just be good? 
I feel better.  

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