iPad to the rescue

My Dad is currently in the hospital and waiting for a bed at a Hospice facility.  He is weak and is having a hard time communicating.  He wears two hearing aids and they just don’t seem to be working well.  I don’t know if it’s because his whole body is weak or what.

Enter the iPad and a Draw app.  It has really helped this week.  He can still read and so I have been writing on the “sketch pad” to communicate.  His voice is weak so I try to ask Yes or NO questions.

The best part is that today is his birthday.  We had been saying “Happy Birthday” to him all morning but it wasn’t until this afternoon when I wrote it out on the iPad that he understood.  He smiled and even gave us a celebratory hospital bed dance 🙂

Who knew that my iPad would become such an important part of the last days with my father.  It has really helped us communicate the past few days.  He tried to write something back to me today but he is so weak that it look like little scribbles…he finally got enough voice to tell me that it said “cool”.  He is the coolest dad 🙂

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