It’s all just sad…

Monday I buried my father.

Monday afternoon my family was in turmoil and now who knows.  I guess Mom and Dad were the glue…

Tuesday I came back home to Jacksonville.  I received a letter from my sister who no longer wants to have any contact with me.  Things were said that I don’t know if I can ever get past.  On the flight down I looked over at Jerry and could feel my heart getting lighter as we got closer to home.

Wednesday my family was an episode of cops….Glad I wasn’t there to witness it.

Thursday I felt bad for the family.  It will never be whole again.

Today has been quiet.  I needed this, I slept most of it away.  Tonight I’m going out with friends for dinner.

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  1. Nobody has the “normal” family. You have endured some of the greatest tragedies in recent months. Hang in there. You have a full life and the love of a good man. And, for what it’s worth…I love you.

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