It’s that time of year….

It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed the holidays. Kind of sad actually. All the hoopla just makes me…I don’t know…meh.

I really miss Mom and Dad. They were the glue that held what I thought was a pretty close family together. I’ve come to learn that was all a farce.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have tons of things to be thankful for. Jerry being top of the list. He keeps me happy. I’m spoiled rotten, I’ll admit it. He dotes on me and I let him 🙂

I am excited about our tradition of going to see a movie on Black Friday. I’m not much of a shopper. In fact the thought of “What to get someone” makes me anxious. Maybe I’ll just give everyone pajamas. Everyone needs pajamas, right? Back to the movies…this year we are going to see The Muppets. I can’t wait! I love The Muppets and I’m ready for their madcap fun.

So from now until the New Year, I’ll be feigning some of my jolliness. I am mostly a happy person but this time of year makes me reflective of past holidays that seems simpler.

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