It’s time for a brain dump…

My brain gets cluttered and I need to put down what’s going on.  These are in no order of importance.

  • Really wish people would think before they say/post things.  You never know who is listening/reading things.  I don’t think you’d really mean to hurt someone with the things that are said.
  • Tolerance is a lesson that we all need to work on.
  • Twitching eyes are annoying.
  • Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t the easiest task or the fastest way but it is the way that allows you to lay your head down on your pillow at night and rest easy.
  • There is never enough money for all the things you can dream up.
  • Take care of yourself!
  • Kill ’em with kindness.
  • Karma is real!
  • Don’t count on things you can’t control.  They rarely work out.
  • Lying will not earn points with me.  …and I rarely forget.
  • I’m still not a very good care giver.   I tend to be bossy.
  • Lasix is evil.  No one should have to pee that much. I know it’s supposed to be helping but come on..every 45 minutes?
  • Giving yourself a shot isn’t as tough as I thought it would be.
So yeah, these are the things on my mind right now. Hopefully, blogging about them will allow my brain to clear for more fun thoughts.

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