Yesterday was my 14th wedding anniversary.  Wow…14 years, hard to believe it.  Can’t imagine life without Jerry now and it seems like he was with me long before 14/15 years.  Does that make sense?  I guess it’s because we share everything.  He knows all my skeletons and even kids me about things.  I’m sure there are stories I haven’t shared not because I’m hiding them but because I have lead a very rich life.  Anyway, 14 years! 

We celebrated by taking each other to Mitchell’s Fish Market.  It was a nice evening.  They print out their menus each night and had a special one printed for our anniversary.  Throughout the evening the staff would wish us a Happy Anniversary.  Very subtle but much appreciated well wishes.  Our waitress was saying that 14 years was a lot and that she was working on her first year of being married.  Jerry and I kind of snickered while she said it felt like she had been married longer though.  I’m sure anyone who is married has had that feeling in both a good way and bad way  😉

Mitchell’s was very nice; good food, relaxing, slow paced meal and not a child in sight. 

It’s good to be married to Jerry.  He treats me like a princess but doesn’t spoil me too much.  Who am I kidding, I’m spoiled rotten!  😀  He has been my rock this past year.  So, just as the traditional gift for 14 years is Ivory, Jerry is a rare thing, and I’m a lucky girl to be married to  him. 


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