Keeping Sane

Jerry and I were discussing a story that he had heard on NPR about Caring for our Elderly Parents. We are definitely going through this right now. His father passed away recently (Christmas Eve will be 16 months) and his mom has been in a nursing home for 19 months now. (WOW!) On top of this my father has had bladder cancer and has been in and out of doctors appointments since December of last year. Today he is currently in the hospital with high levels of potassium and some kidney problems. My mom, other then her normal aches and pains and a recent cold, is holding up well despite the depression of having her husband in the hospital.

So back to the NPR story, it basically talks about the need to take care of yourself while you are dealing with all of the other stuff. I’ll admit that Jerry and do take breaks from the nursing home. We try to go every other day but sometimes even that’s too much. So it might be 3 days between. I know that I get wrapped up in making sure that everyone else is taken care of that I sometimes forget to make sure that I’m okay. I can say that my health has declined since all of this has happened. We aren’t eating right, we should be exercising, and it’s not like I’m not aware of any of this. For now, we do what we can, when we can.

My mental health has been, off, if you ask me. I cry a lot more. Just last night I had an episode of mania that I have no idea what triggered it. Thankfully, Jerry is there to help me and vice versa. Most days, it’s more of indifference. Sure, I know that it’s tough, but it is what it is. No use getting worked up into a frenzy about things I can’t change, right? I think last night was a one of those breaking points though where the frenzy got the best of me. It felt like my blood was corsing though my body and it was electrically charged. Not a feeling I’m ready to repeat.

So how am I keeping sane?  Well…if I ever was sane in the first place         Music helps. Reading.  Gaming.  Blogging it out.  It’s actually the little things. Don’t get me wrong, I could totally use a real vacation. But I know at this time in our lives it needs to be stay-cations.

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