Knowing is half the battle

Last week I was saying to Jerry that I was more happy than I was sad during the day.  I thought this was a great accomplishment.  I only had one crying jag and was feeling pretty good. 

That’s when yet another shoe dropped later that day.  Dad ended up being sent to the ER because of high potassium levels again.  Thankfully they got to it quickly so I don’t think it was nearly as bad as it was a month ago.  He was still able to have his scope on Saturday and they did find a blockage.  This was supposed to be an out patient procedure but they decided to keep him and are doing another procedure today.  Jerry has been wonderful during this all.  I know I’ve been a pain to live with and honestly it’s not really fair to him.   It was his family that passed away…not mine…

We distracted ourselves on Saturday by making a road trip down to Del Taco to pick up Star Trek Online collector cups from the Macho Menu.  Now that we have acquired these cups, we can have “Shuttle Pets” during the game.  RAWR!  I wasn’t feeling the best on the trip.  I was stressing about my dad although,  I started to feel better on the way home which coincided with Dad getting out of surgery.  I think it was the healing properties of the York Peppermint Patti that made me feel better.

I’m trying to come up with small goals to help me move into a healthy frame of mind.  I did get up early and had the dishs in the dishwasher before 7am…so Yay me!  I wish that was all that needed to be done around the house but I’m afraid it’s a whole lot worse.  At least I recognize the problem..that’s half the problem right? Haha.

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