Knowledge is power!

I’m the only interpreter at my school.  My boss comes occasionally to observe and help me hone my craft.  Today was a followup from a visit two weeks ago where she and I focused on Form and Meaning in transliterating.   I was given an assignment that she would come and review with me, today.  I welcomed the opportunity for my superior to take and look at what I do and give me good feedback on my product.  It’s a rarity as a lone interpreter in a school.

The task was to take a look at a story board of pictures.  Describe what was going in the pictures using our voice, record it, transcribe and then interpret using transliteration while record ourselves. Not really important but I’m verbose today. I had done the story and the recording of my voice before this morning, but not the video.  I used my Nexus 7 to video record my product and then uploaded it to Google Drive.  Easy peasy, right?

I did good.  Was it perfect?  It never is.  I gave up that ideal long ago.  There is always room for improvement/finesse. Got some great feedback.

The best part of the whole thing was that she wanted to know how I got my video on the school computers so we could watch it on the big screen rather than my tablet.  I mentioned that after recording it, I uploaded it to my drive.  The next 30 minutes were spent on my teaching my boss how to use Drive.  It was great.  I showed her how collaboration works, how she could upload her current docs so that she would have them where ever she was in the district. I scored huge points with my boss today. Yay me and yay Google Drive!!

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