Long Day…

I knew this trip was going to be a doozy but I’ve forgotten what a toll this all takes on oneself.  We were up at the hospital around 10:30am because the social worker was pressing to get Mom out of the hospital and into the Hospice facility.  After talking with her and making some final decisions it was set..she was going to go today.  Or so we thought.  The facility will be taking her in but they weren’t ready for her today and to alleviate some stress on all of us decided to move her tomorrow morning.  I didn’t want to be moving mom around at 11pm tonight like some experiences in the past. 

I really don’t know how I’m doing right now.  I’m kind of numb and just trying to get through all of this.  I did have a little breakdown when we first got home this afternoon.   Mom is scared.  Dad is scared.  Mom is uncertain of her decision but I have been trying to assure her that just because she is going there tomorrow doesn’t mean she has to stay.  She can opt for some other kind of care.

I know I’m rambling…so I’m gonna just stop typing.

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