Maybe too much me time…

I will admit that left to my own devices I can get lost on the interwebs for hours. This is what has happened this past week. I was hoping to more “me” things and get out but that didn’t happen. I spent hours, yes hours, looking at YouTube videos ranging from working on ASL receptive skills, to songs about bacon, to cute fluffy kittens. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible it just seems that I could have been doing more with my “week of me”.

I am trying to find a “summer” job to fill the gap of no income due to being a school district employee. I’ve been wondering if I don’t want to find something part time that I can supplement our income next school year too. With all of our wonderful budge cuts (thank you Mr. Scott) I won’t even be making what I make now. Which is pretty sad. I’ve never had a job that I worked at for four years and didn’t get a raise. Seems wrong… I love what I do. Wish I was better at it. I think that is a never ending feeling though, always room for improvement.

Today was the final realization that I don’t do well being alone for any great length of time. I messed up Jerry’s flight booking and now it seems that he might not get home until Sunday. UGH! I’m already missing him so much. I don’t know what to do with myself for another day. Although, today was a complete waste because I was mostly upset about how I messed up his flight and was calling trying to get it fixed. Let me just say that for an additional $800 he could be home when I thought he was going to be home…$800…crazy.

The week was good for me though. I got to contemplate life which I really haven’t had the time or luxury to do it. I realized that I am overly critical towards certain things and I’m working on changing that. I can’t control everything…and I don’t always know what’s best for everyone….*sigh* Self realization can be tough!

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