Memorial Day…

I didn’t grow up in a military family.  I have no concept of what it means.  I did grow up in a musical family though.  I’m not comparing marching band to military at all.  What I’m trying to say is that as a musician it was our duty to make sure that the bands played on days like today.

Dad was a band director at Everett High School in Lansing, MI. for many years.  I remember heading downtown to see my dad all dapper in his directors uniform, marching along his band on many Memorial Days.

When I began marching band at Waverly High School, I don’t recall if we did the parades or not.  Isn’t that sad?  Surely we did…

Anyway, it is nice that we have a special day set aside to remember the men and women who have died for the country.

This blog post isn’t conveying what I is deep in my heart..I hope you get the gist of what I am saying.

Thank you doesn’t seem strong enough.  There aren’t really words that can express the gratitude.

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